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Best Places to Visit in Prague during Winter (2 Days Itinerary)

Prague was the go-to city in 2016. Everyone was going there and I decided to make the trip there as well. It is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, also the 14th largest city in European Union. Prague is by far my favourite city in Europe. It's beautiful and has so much to offer. Although it was winter there and it was an old town, it was indeed a beautiful old town. I spend 2 full days there and heres my itinerary there.

21st - 22nd December 2016
The moment I got down from the train station. These was the view I was getting. I knew immediately I am going to love this city.

We decided to use the first day to explore around the city before going out to Prague Castle.

Old Town Hall
It is one of the city's most visited monuments located at the Old Town Square. If you want to get the view of the Old Town Square, I'll definitely recommend you to climb this tower for it. So can get a 360 degree view of everywhere. Even with my limping leg, I had a little bit trouble climbing up but it was all worth it.

Entrance fee :
Basic : 250 CZK (About £9)
Reduced : 150 CZK (About £5) - This was for student.

Old Town Square
We spent 2 hours ish just walking around the square, going around eating their Chimney Cake (also know as the Trdelnik). So one of our friend decided to challenge ourselves to have at least 10 of those Chimney Cake. Apparently, its famous in Prague so its a MUST try. We manage to have 8 of those before we all decided that it was enough.

Prague Astronomical Clock
This is the most popular landmark in Prague. It's THE Astronomical Clock. It is a medieval astronomical clock, mounted on the wall of Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square. This clock represent the Sun and Moon in the sky and displaying various astronomical details. If you look closely, the way the clock was built, the details and medieval design...what a magnificent piece of art.

Even from picture, you cannot deny the beauty of this astronomical clock. 
Charles Bridge
This is a historic bridge crosses the Vltava river. It is one of the most visited sight to get a view of the city along the river. 

We spend a lot of time going around Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square in the city. Just admiring the beauty of the city. Partly, we were also overly exhausted from the flight in the morning. So we just wanted to chill and walk around the city.

We got up really early as the itinerary of the day was the Prague Castle. I would definitely advise you to go early. We were there about 10am and the queue was so long already. Took us about 1.5 hours before we actually made it into the castle

Prague Castle 
This is an ancient symbol and the most significant Czech monument. Also, a UNESCO site with a tradition of more than 1,000 years. We spend almost 2 to 3 hours just exploring the whole area. The ticket include the St Vitus Cathedral and a lot of other place surrounding the castle.

Here, you can also get a view of Prague. This was a shot caught while queuing for the entrance. 
St. Vitus Cathedral
I feel like in every European country, you definitely have a significant Cathedral that you have to visit. In Prague, it would be the St Vitus Cathedral, which is the largest and most important monument in Prague.

Golden Lane Street
Oh, while you are at Prague Castle, don't forget to walk along the Golden Lane Street. It's quite a pretty street if you are looking for nice photos. The shops were pretty cool too selling different kind of accessories and also not to forget souvenirs.

Petrin Hill
We decided to head onto our next destination, the Petrin Hill. There's a transportation that takes you up the hill. For some reason, we were on the other side of the hill so we couldn't see any tram going up and hence, we climb up. It took us about 40 minutes due to my injured leg because it was hurting but I heard that the view is pretty and I figured its been 2 weeks, I should be able to do it.

We finally arrive and trust the view was worth all the sweat and pain. It was so beautiful and sadly, this photo do not do it justice. This was just right after sunset and the city lights were all on. I got a pretty good view. 
Mirror Maze
Since we were up there already, we decided to look around and found this Mirror Maze. There is also a Rose Garden nearby but it's Winter, so no flowers. Mirror Maze was more of an fun activity rather than a sightseeing spot. We had fun going around with all the different type of Mirror and trying to find our way out (which was quite easy).

Inner Child of me came out as I was just running around the area, playing hide and seek with my friends but your image were all reflecting everywhere. We will finding an angle where not a single mirror can capture us but we failed. It's called Mirror Maze for a reason. 
Petrin Tower Lookout
We didn't actually pay to enter the tower as it was already closed by the time we got there. We did manage to get a view of it at night (of the tower itself). I thought getting the view from the hill was already good enough for me. If you guys want to get a whole view, you would probably want to try heading up to this tower.

This was also our last stop before heading back to our hotel and get some rest before taking the early train to Budapest at 5am in the morning. We actually thought of just staying at the train station but realise we all needed the rest so we rebook the same room and slept till about 3am.

Wenceslas Square
Well, you always see photo of the front of the square so let me show you the back of it. This square is more of an expensive shopping street for me. Its quite nice but for some reason, I have no idea why I don't have a photo of it. Probably because my phone and camera battery might have died at the same time. I remember my camera battery died on me the moment we reach Mirror Maze and probably my phone didn't last that long too.

We were actually staying 4 mins away from Wenceslas Square. The hotel is call Fusion Hotel. We paid about 70 euro for the 4 of us which I found it pretty cheap. I still remember how much I did not want to leave Prague. Despite the cold and gloomy weather, this city still manage to capture my heart. I was glad that everything went well after our trip in Cologne. We were all well and kicking.

I had a pretty good time in the city and got pretty good shots too. I would definitely go back there to Prague again if I was given the chance. This was almost towards the end of my Europe tour before heading back to London so I felt even more heavy hearted to leave this place.

If you are interested to follow on my whole Europe trip in 2016, feel free to read up on my LuxembourgCologne, Germany and Budapest post.



  1. Wow!! Prague is such a beautiful place .It's always been on our bucketlist.We'll definitely use this itinerary while planning our trip.Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is incredibly helpful - especially since we're about to go to Prague for a few days! Thanks for the awesome content!

  3. Prague is an incredible place! Love the itinerary, and love the fact that you posted enough but not too much for a 2 day break!

  4. Wow you made some really great photos in Prague! I have been there when I was young, but I can't remember visiting these places. The view from the Old Town Hall looks amazing! And that castle, wow!!

  5. We were just in Prague, and what a beautiful city, although the clock was being worked on and was covered up totally, it was so sad.

  6. I have been to Prague 15years ago and it is one of the places I want to visit again!
    This itinerary for 2 days is perfect to see the most of this amazing city :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous post. You've made me miss Europe so much! I hope I can get to Prague soon, I feel like it has been on my bucket list forever.

  8. What a great itinerary post. We have yet to visit Prague although hopefully it will be next year sometime.

  9. Prague is a city I have wanted to visit for the last 15 years and somehow, despite all the traveling we do, we never get there! I am now determined!!!

  10. Without a doubt we loved Prague, and you have captured its beauty just perfectly.
    We travelled during Summer, so it was extremely busy but hope to visit in December soon for a magical winter experience.

  11. Well, it's official. I miss Europe now. We were in France this past winter and, even though we very nearly froze to death, we loved it. LOVE the astronomical clock, by the way!

  12. Prague has some of the most distinctive rooftops. The city has such a different demeanour in the winter.

  13. Yep. you have collected all of the top sites of the city. Nice to Prague again. I miss my time in this beautiful city.

  14. My mom visited Prague a few years ago and said it was amazing. This post solidifies just that! Thanks for sharing. I hope to visit someday as well!

  15. I am dreaming of going to Prague and your picutres brought it to life for me. All the suggestions are great and looks like you had a blast.

  16. Prague is so beautiful! It's been on my list for so long, but somehow I've yet to visit. Hopefully soon! This is a great itinerary, bookmarking for later.

  17. I have heard so much about Prague. And this post just reinforces all the positive feedback. I am seriously going there sometime and have pinned your post for then. Thank you for sharing it.

  18. This is a great post for me as I plan to visit Prague this winter! Wencelas Square will probably be my favourite place, I bet it's pretty at Christmas!

  19. I always wanted to visit Prague. This is such a beautiful place. Hope to visit it soon in person.

  20. I love traveling but in winters, I get a little doubtful but your post made me realize that traveling in winters is not that bad. I loved your post.

  21. Great post :) I haven’t actually been to Prague yet, but I may and try get there next year as it looks like a cool place to visit.

  22. Prague is so enchanting, it's like a real life Disneyland! Oh how I love the architecture and the cobblestones..

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