Sunday, March 24, 2019

Best Eats in Lisbon, Portugal

Most recent trip to Lisbon, Portugal was amazing. Beautiful city, amazing hospitality, and the food was delicious. This was a family trip and rarely my dad likes the food because of his pickiness. After our second day there, he told me he love the food here.

It was hard to pace myself as well as I am trying to stop overeating but the food was hard to resist. We weren’t even worry about trying to find a place to eat as we tried two random place and it was delicious! I am going to narrowed down to the top five restaurant we loved most! One of the restaurant is located in Sintra when we were on a day trip tour. 

Pasties de Belém

Address : R. de Belém 84-92, 1300-085 Lisboa, Portugal
Price : $

Portugal is famous for their egg tarts. Every corner of the city you would definitely see a pastry shop selling it. My brother had this goal of trying out egg tarts of every area in town or a different city. Wherever we went, he definitely get one on this hand. 

Hands down to the best egg tart *drumroll* Pasties de Belém! I’ve had so many but this was definitely the best. The crust of the tart was crispy and thickness was just fine. The egg custard was perfect and it wasn’t too sweet. I notice the different between the egg tarts Portugal and else where is that the crust is a little salty. This one here definitely achieve the perfection of the balance between the egg custard and salty crust which makes it so tasty. Every bite makes you wanna have more. Needless to say, I had to takeaway one back to London for my boyf to taste.

Also, we were there at about 11am and we manage to grab a seat without waiting really long. It look misleading outside with the line for takeaway but please do check inside as its really huge and has a lot of table in the shop as well!

Cataplana da Gina

Address : R. Ferreira Borges 193A, 1350-131 Lisboa, Portugal
Price : $$

We were looking for the best cataplana in town and the first one we had, my brother was convince there was a better one. The first cataplana stew was addictive but he insisted that we tried Cataplana da Gina. We did and say no more, we were impressed by the freshness of the seafood. The Bacalau (Cod fish) we had was so fresh, the meat was smooth and easy to eat. Grilled with olive oil, the fish was well flavoured. 

We had the Monkfish Cataplana with pasta and the bowl was gone before we knew it. The stew was also full with flavours and with the freshness of the fish, the dish couldn’t get any better. It set our expectations so high for all other cataplana.

The other dish that we really enjoyed was the Lamb ribs. The tenderness of the meat and flavour will definitely on point. I do not usually like lamb ribs but this was really good that I had a few myself.

Casa da India 

Address : Rua do Loreto 45, 1200-086 Lisboa, Portugal
Price : $

Fun fact : Nando originated from Portugal so don’t be surprised to see the chicken logo everywhere on the sourveneir walls. We did have have Nando of course but what we had was the peri peri chicken as the flavour originated there. Google it up and head to this little restaurant here. 

The peri peri chicken did not disappoint. The meat was tender and well grilled and flavoured. It came with rice and fries. We ordered the shellfish soup and Aletenja, a traditional Portuguese soup. The Aletenja was definitely too salty for our taste. It was bread soak in their traditionally cook broth with poached egg. We also ordered a grilled octopus which was okay but the highlight was definitely the chicken and the shellfish soup for us.

Amazing bursting flavour of Shellfish Soup

This was the traditional portugese soup which was way way to salty for me. 

Grilled Octopus

Natraj Tandoori

Address : R. dos Sapateiros 171, 1100-044 Lisboa, Portugal
Price : $$

It was raining really heavily and we were already back at the apartment. We decided to head downstairs to the tandoori restaurant nearby. As we were still quite full from lunch, we all agree to just order less portions. 

Clearly that didn’t go as plan. As we walked it, the fragrance of the food instantly got us all hungry and when we open the menu we were ordering 2-3 dishes already. We had the butter chicken, fish curry, prawn Briyani and the garlic naan. It was definitely better than Dishoom for me in London. I haven’t had such good Indian food in a long time and I enjoyed it so much. 

The spice and flavour of each dish was perfect and mixed with the garlic naan, it tasted even better. We did not regret that meal despite overeating again. But hey, we are on holiday.. as long as we enjoyed it, don’t really think anything else matter. 

Catinho da Vila

Address : R. Arco do Teixeira 15, 2710-533 Sintra, Portugal
Price : $$

This dining restaurant is not exactly in Lisbon but located in Sintra. We did a day trip there and stop by to explore the city and have lunch. We didn't really know what to eat but we stumble onto this restaurant that located inside an alley. It looks pretty legit compare to the rest so we thought let's take this risk and head over here.

To our surprise, we were amazed by the dishes, delicious and the freshness of the seafood. It was so flavourful. I got to say this was the best octopus dish I've had. It was just simply grilled octopus but the flavour that came with it was just satisfying. 

However, my favourite dish was definitely the Seafood risotto. Not sure if its called a risotto but I loved it! The seafood was fresh and the natural sweet flavour from it was pass onto the sauce / soup base of the dish. The blend within the dish was perfect and it keeps you wanting from it. 

We ordered a pork chop which my brother enjoyed it a lot. It's the typical pork chop you order but the meat was tender and perfectly cook.. 

Here's how the restaurant look from the outside. The deco inside makes you feel like home. It's not extremely fancy but definitely homely and comfortable!

These were definitely my favourite top eats in Portugal. Hit me up or comment below if you have better suggestions of food there. I absolutely enjoy Portugal and will definitely make a trip there soon! There's still so many city to explore like Porto and Lagos. 

My full itinerary of Portugal will be up soon! So keep an eye for it ! :) 


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