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3 days in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark, rank among the top three happiness country in the world was my second traventure of 2019 after Portugal. It was a three (3) days trip in Copenhagen and this was my second time being in this beautiful city. The first time was a short night stay before heading over to Prague. I was suppose to be there for 2 days but me and my friends had a little bump and overstayed in Cologne. The only place I visited was Nyhavn Harbour and it was so pretty with the night lights. 

I told myself I will definitely be back in this city again. 5 years later, I made it back here! This time, I had it all plan out, making sure to tick of all the places I wanted to visit. Of course, it was only three days but I made sure I made it count without exhausting myself. 

Rather than taking an early flight this time round, me and my friend decided to take the 2pm flight, arriving at 4.45pm. We check in into our hotel and our first destination was the Tivoli Garden


Tivoli Garden 

This is an amusement park located in the central of Copenhagen and one of the main attraction points. We were lucky enough that it was also the first day of the Fireworks which run all the way from May up until September annually. Given we were there in the evening, we got to see the amusement in broad daylight and the beautiful night lights. This place reminds you for the fairytale you used to read while you were young. 

Beautiful ain't it? I was in awed when I first stumble into this beautiful amusement park. There were rides, mini games, shows and also the main event was the fireworks at 11pm. I had a lot of funs just playing the rides and amazed by the beauty of the deco. You will need to pay an entrance fees into this amusement park. We got the entrance fee ticket costing DKK145 and this is not inclusive of the rides. I would definitely recommend to buy the tickets including the unlimited ride package if you are a big fan of rides. It is worth the money. 

There were lights show at night so if you plan ahead by picking up a brochure with all the shows schedule, you'll definitely get to witness all the amazing performance. I was pretty amaze that we went in at 6pm and manage to utilise every minute up until 1am. It was good fun. Not to forget, there was a firework show at night at Tivoli. 

I was a bit worried that by taking the afternoon flight I would miss half the fun exploring the city but I definitely felt like it was a productive day spending time in the garden. 


Strolling through the City 

We woke up early in the morning and had Danish pastries for breakfast and man, it was amazing. We had a Danish pastry called Ole & Steen in Chinatown. These traditional pastries are laminated with viennoiserieIt was a good start of the day with a good meal. 

Boat Tour

Second activity of the day was a boat tour around the city. I always like opting for boat tour as its a nice way to be see different things and landmarks with a tour guide. If you are then interested in a particular place, you can head over there after to look at it in detail. Here's some photos capture during the ride.

Featuring my tour guide and Nyhavn, my favourite place in the city

The Royal Yatch Dannebrog

This majestic yatch serve as the official and private residence for HM The Queen and other members of the Royal Family when they are on official visit overseas and summer cruises. It was named after Queen Alexandrine in Copenhagen in 1931. 

We pass by this huge incinerator as well which had quite a unique structure. Apparently, there's slide right there that you could slide down as well. 

Further ahead, we have the Little Mermaid. We didn't actually head over to the Little Mermaid as we notice there was a crowd there and a glance from afar was sufficient. The back story behind this little status is about Carl Jacobsen falling in love with the character after watching a ballet performance based on the fairy tale at the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen. The brewer then commissioned the sculptor Edvard Eriksen to create a sculpture of the mermaid, captivated by this fairytale story. 

These were some of the key highlights for me on the boat ride. It's been 3 years now. Hence, I am documenting down whatever I can remember for the trip. 


One of Copenhagen iconic waterfront and entertainment district, always filled with tourist during the holiday period. It pretty lively whether day or night and you get a pretty view as well. Colour houses on the waterfront with restaurant and stores on both side. 

With a sunny weather, you'll be able to capture a nice view of the waterfront. Bought an ice cream and chill around this area for a bit. Just relaxing on a bank holiday weekend.

Rundetarn (The Round Tower)
This is a 17th century Round Tower located in the central of Copenhegan, also the place for a good view on the city. We checked the weather forecast that day and it was going to rain in the evening so we quickly head over to the tower for the view. Tickets were pretty cheap at only DKK40 (GBP5). In order to go all the way up, you'll have to climb rounds of floor to for the panaromic view.

As you climbed up the tower, you will be able to get these view through the windows. It would have been great if I had the blue skies view. 

Once you reach the top, there will be an iron grill around but you would still get a panaromic view of the city. What a beau even with grey cloud and gloomy weather tho... 

It wasn't long before it start pouring so we didn't stay up too long. 

After the round tower visit, we decided to grab dinner somewhere close to our hotel and call it a day. 


Rosenborg Castle 

Last day in Copenhagen and also the end of my three day bank holiday weekend before heading back to reality. Visited the Rosenborg Castle on this final day, the castle with over 400 years of royal treasures, Crown Jewels and Royal Regalia. I was keen to see what is inside the Danish castle. I have done many castle hopping and loves looking at the different deco and also learn some history of the castle. Ticket were reasonably price at DKK125 for a 3-4 hours tour and history learning

Here's a few photos of the castle and crown jewels

Botanical Garden 

One final stop before heading to the airport was the Copenhagen botanical garden. We wanted to head in to visit but didn't manage to do it - can't remember what was the reason but it was probably close! 

Anyways, here's a photo of the botanical garden building...

Glad I finally got this post out of my draft after a year. It was really sad not being able to travel during COVID and I miss travelling so much whenever I start blogging so I end up stopping for awhile. 

Now I am back on track and I still have another two way overdue travel post : Stockholm, Sweden and Barcelona, Spain. 


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