Saturday, August 11, 2012


My first post in this new blog of mine. It's been a year since i blog.Well, I guess i had this new blog because my previous blog made me sound like a small kid but i wanted to keep that blog to remind me of how i use to blog about silly things when i was young. I just had the sudden urge to blog when i was talking to my good friend, Jonathan. It was then thoughts came into my mind that we are all grown up now. It's the time where we make decision on our own. No more daddy little princess or mummy little prince. I still remember when i was young my parents use to help me decide on every little things. When i grew up, my dad started to let me decide things on my own but i was still so independent that i still wanted him to decide for me. He refused but he was always there to give me advice and guide me. My mum too was always there to give me advice though we have a lot of contradicting thoughts. At the end of the day, they were the one who make me who i am today. I can't say that I am a fully grown independent woman now but in the future I will be. 

I was really happy when my dad said he is really proud of me now that I am mature enough to do things on my own and make my own decision. He would only give me advice to help me decide but not that he will decide for me. I would really like to be a successful person in the future and make him even more proud. I even told him when i grew older and begin to work i would buy him a S-Class Mercedes with a chauffeur and i will get myself a Mercedes Sport Car.Then, I would get my mum many branded limited edition bags. I guess this is what that keep me going to pursue my dreams to be successful. 

When I was younger , I use to think my parents are annoying because they tend to nag me all the time. At that time, I use to rebel a lot. Now thinking back, I realize I was wrong to do so but i am not going say i was entirely wrong. Yes, I am a stubborn person too but I got this from my dad. Its in the genes.=D Whatever my parents did and said is what that make me a good person today.  

 I am 18 now , stepping into university in about 6 months time. Today was the day where i send my application into Melbourne University and Monash University. Eversince I was young i been wanting to go to Melbourne University as it was once of the best university in Australia. However, I had a sudden change of mind that I might be heading for London School Of Economics. With my results , it's quite hard but i guess there is no harm in trying. I am still in the dilemma which wan should i go. The university which i been dreaming to go since young or the university which will guarantee me a safe path in the future. Decision will have to be make but i don't have to do it right now. Right now I have to finish off my SAM programme with excellent result! That is my current aim. I have not been doing very well for my internal assessment but I will study for final very hard! 95 and above ATAR! I will score it! =D 

Writing off....  =)


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