Saturday, October 20, 2012

Separation Are Never Easy

Yesterday marks the end of my college life before finals. The last day having lectures with the teachers, and studying in classroom with my fellow classmates. I guess what they say it's true, time flies when you are having fun. To be honest, i really dislike college at the beginning because i had to wake up earlier and come back later, so much more homework, exam , assignment which was really tough and stress. It made me realize yesterday that all of these was nothing compare to the friends i made in college. All those awesome people made me realize college can be fun too. I now wish time wouldn't pass so fast. During the first semester, my classmates weren't bonding well but during second semester , we were getting along very well. However it was really sad because we only had limited time together.

It was definitely a fun day yesterday. We took lot of photos which made my cheek really pain! Kept smiling but it was definitely worth it! A day before , we had our last ESL and Accounting lesson. Each and every teacher gave a meaningful speech and did something special for us student.

Miss Sharon said she enjoy being in class with us.
Sadly, I missed Miss Yong speech the other day because I went back early but i still got a photo from her.
Miss Cherilyn said ' We were her best class' Wow! Not only our attendance were 100% everyday but even got to be one of the teacher's best class.
Mr Woon on the other hand was really mean. He made everyone cry with the little slide he prepared for us which is about life and even took pictures of us putting it in the slides! =( I have to say at least 15 students were crying! AND will never ever forget Woonmatics <3

It wasn't perfect because Miss Doh was absent because she had something on. We didn't get to hear her final speech , took photos with her but i think i would like to find a day, go back to college and do all these to complete the puzzle.

My yearbook magazine also had all the nice compliment and comment from everyone. I have take talkative as an compliment because it was said many times. So yeah, basically I am happy and touched by all!

Anyhow, it was still the best day in college. Definitely will keep in touch in everyone! <3 <3

Group Photos With The Lecturers
With my 7 girlfriends who accompany all the way, rain or shine. Gonna miss them a lot for sure!
The guys model in my class. Funny and Hilarious people. Will be missing their jokes. 
The other girls in the class! Yeah, my chicken friend Stephanie whom I will really miss a lot!

Lastly I would like to end this post with another post by Leon Mok who wrote a post about me.

Credits to Leon Mok
Ambassador of Winanga-Li!
      I remember back in February, shortly after I entered college, there was this cute girl in the same Malaysian Studies class who had skin that was as white as anything could be. She was always together with Xiao Ning. I learnt that they were best friends since secondary school. How lucky for them to at least be in the same class during LAN subjects.

     To begin talking about our friendship, we never really talked much until it was near the end of the first semester, but when we started talking, it was very fun and enjoyable. Ee Sing is nothing short of a person full of life with a bubbly personality that will never bore you. She is all ears to listen to your gripes, and she never fails to cheer you up with her ever-so-positive attitude towards life, should you encounter any obstacle or doubts in life. She always has her own mature opinions and mindset towards different things in life. Oh, and did you know, that this brilliant girl got straight A+ in her SPM results? She just seems so perfect.

     I never really knew her that well, but her friendliness is just so welcoming. You will never get bored talking to her. To sum her up, she is brains, beauty, and personality all jumbled up into one nice package. *sounds familiar, eh? :P*

     Recently, I got my yearbook and who else is there better to ask than Ee Sing to autograph it? Well, of course, I asked her, and she gladly did so. Initially, she wrote a brief but meaningful message for me. Then, I wrote an even more meaningful message for her. Apparently, she claimed that she felt bad, and wanted to add more stuff into my yearbook, and so she did. 

She added this Post-It note with her signature on the back, together with an extra separate paragraph at the bottom of the page
     I am really glad to have her as my friend in college, and I will definitely remember her for a lifetime.

P/S: There you have it, Ee Sing. I hope you like it. ^_^

- Leon

It's not everyday someone will write a post about you and not all of it would be a good one. However, I got one! which good! Thank You So Much! 


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