Tuesday, September 29, 2015

East Coast Tasmania

Spring Break 2015

Time flies and it's been three years since I came to Melbourne. This spring break is my last spring break in my university life and thinking about it makes me feel sad. Started my spring break by making a short trip to Tasmania. I always wonder what is there in Tasmania and this time i got to know what is it. First off, this is a very scenic place so for those who are looking for fun and thrill adventure, besides the hiking to the lookout, it's mostly scenery. The scenery was breathtaking and beautiful.

So, I went with this group of friends whom the guys I met from Malaysian Games and a girl whom I met on the first day of university. Honestly, I planned this trip and it involves a lot of driving and I was really afraid we would get lost. Not to forget, Tasmania is a place where you need to drive a lot if you are travelling alone and not by tour.

We rented a Nissan SUV and thank god we did not get a fifth people to come with us. The amount of luggage we have for 4 person was just too much. We kinda brought too much for a 3 days 2 night trip. However, because we were so similar in every way, it make the trip/holiday so much more interesting.

I will skip all the words and show you the beauty of Tasmania.

Stop 1 : Orford Town

Our first stop point. This is just the beginning

We were so amazed by the clear blue colour of the water but wasn't aware what was in front for us. More beautiful view like this. Although it was a long drive in the car, I enjoyed the scenery during the drive. We don't get view like this in Melbourne. I been to Mornington but it was nothing compare to the beauty of the peninsular here. 

Stop 2 : Kate Berries Farm, Swansea
Totally love the ice cream and the raspberry pie we ordered. Also, I totally love the design of the shop. Classic cottage style and also the interior!

Lavender (Left) and Strawberry with Chocolate Chip Ice Cream  (Right)
Rasperry Pie with Ice Cream and Cream 
View from the car of the Great Oyster Bay 

In order to be able to see the entire bay, we had hike up to lookout point which we did the next day. 
There on, we continue our journey to Bicheno to check into our villa. We stayed at Bicheno East Coast Holiday Park! It was indeed a spacious place to stay in! Bicheno is a small town near Freycinet. I chose to stay there because it was easier to get to other places instead of going deep into Freycinet. Checked in, had fish and chips and rush over to Bay of Fires for sunset.

Stop 3 : Bay of Fires
I was really sad because we were on the wrong side. The sun did not set here and we went to the Bay of Fires Conservatory Area for hiking not for the lookout. For the beautiful look out, it was called "Binalong Bay (Bay of Fires). So, if you ever plan to visit it there go earlier and make sure to type into your GPS "Binalong Bay" instead of Bay of Fires. 

 Bay Of Fires Granite Stones

A tired me with my "Bay of Fires" stones

We were persistent and we went to Binalong Bay and check in out later only to realize we were at the wrong lookout point. It was much more beautiful there so are the villas and houses there. No photo was taken as it was already quite dark. Sad us had to drive back another one and the half hour back to Bicheno. Note that, everything there closes at 8pm. So we were super hungry and thank god for this shop who was willing to let us take away fried rice. 

Stop 4 : Freycinet Marine Farm
Tasmania is also best known for their seafood! I heard this place serve one of the freshest seafood so we decided to have out breakfast there. 

 Steam Mussels with Lemon (It was my favourite)
Scallops with Garlic and Oyster with Kilpatrick Sauce

The seafood there was indeed super fresh and it make me a very happy girl for the day. Got my seafood craving done and we headed to our next destination.

Stop 5 : The Edge Restaurant Lookout
Looking for lunch so we decided to stop on the way to look for places to eat but we got this instead. Another place for a good scenic view. 

Stop 6 : Freycinet Lodge Lookout Point
Decided to have out lunch here! And we got ourselves another breathtaking view!

Stop 7 : Wineglass Bay
Our main attraction point for the day was Wineglass Bay. Feed ourselves full full then headed to hike at Wineglass Bay! Hiking was a challenging task for me as I didn't like to exercise at all! However, to get a good view at the Oyster Bay, I had to do it!

 Quarter way through my hiking! I was stopping by to catch my breath
 Second time stopping to rest and then I lost count of how many times! 
 Coles Bay Lookout Point along the way
 Finally, the Great Oyster Bay @ Wineglass Bay look out point

Achievement Unlock! Made it to the top and it was totally worth the view!

Had to head back down to the carpark! We were rushing to Richmond for the Maze Challenge but decided to stop by at Honeymoon Bay! Also, have to thank my 3 amazing friends for helping me down the hiking road as I was actually afraid of stairs and they had so many of them along the way. Both guys were athlete but slow down to suit my pace. Big thank you to them!

Stop 8 Honeymoon Bay
Since it was along the way and looking at the photos, we decided to stop by here as well!
 Transparent Colour of the Sea Water! 
 Totally love the view I am getting! <3 

This stop also mark the last stop of my adventure to the East Coast! There were another two more lookout which was Cape Tourville and Sleepy Bay which you can check it out as well! It was getting late and we had to head back to Hobart so we pass on that. 

Even though it was a short stay on the East Coast, I enjoyed it there especially the view of the Great Oyster Bay! I would say it would be a good short gateaway out of the city for some fresh air and mother nature! 

Things to Note :
For Vodafone users, there wasn't any line there and thank god one of us was using Optus so we got one phone with line! It was indeed 2 days without internet and we were actually struggling. Oh well, what has the world of technology done to us! Still, I learnt that there is more to just using the phone and sometimes we just need to enjoy Mother Nature and its beauty.

Also, had to say this trip couldn't be more fun if it wasn't for my friends. To end of post, I would say:

A beautiful place we travel would not conclude to be a perfect vacation unless there is good companion.


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