Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Hurricane Grill, Darling Harbour

So.... I finally tried out Hurricane Grill in Sydney during the Easter break. And it was amazingly good. A lot of my friends told me that it was a MUST GO place to dine in when you are there. So, I quickly make my booking one week in advance there on the first day I arrived in Sydney.

It was super crowded and there was a line when I went there. Thank god I made a booking. Totally love the ambience of the restaurant. 
The bar corner where they made their mock tail and cocktails. Also, they had mini tables there for people to sit in and have a drink first while waiting in line. Good strategy 😏😏😏 

Allocated the seat outside, and then i started taking photos. As usual. Photo were pretty dark although the background is really pretty. We got the view of the harbour and all the building across the river. 
Isn't it so pretty the background? Usually they had the fireworks there but me and my friends didn't get to see it but while I was looking back at my photos, I notice that there was the firework but I guess we were too busy taking photos to notice. 

See. Got fireworks but aiya this photo not nice. Oh wells.... When we were ordering, looking at the price it was actually pretty expensive. But since we are already there, why not? So we ended up ordering drinks, the appetiser and definitely got their famous dish, *drumrolls* PORK RIBS 
We order the cocktail and mock tails and its was actually pretty good! 
Pretty in Pink (left) Cocktail & Mocktail Raspilian (right)
Tropicana Jolly :)

The Appetizer
Garlic Prawn
Fresh Oyster and Oyster Kilpatrick

For our main, we had of course the AMAZING pork ribs and lamb cutlets. Rumours say the pork rib was good and I have to say it's is just awesomely delicious filled with flavour and it's no rumours. It's the truth :)  however, our lamb cutlet was burned so we didn't enjoyed it as much as we did with the ribs. 

We didn't get any dessert there because we were just too full already but I really enjoyed the dinner. Definitely would go back there again for sure. Round 2 in December if all plan go wellllllll....

Ending the post..

With myyyyyy Mocktail and also...
With my so-amazingly-delicious pork ribs 


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