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Sarawak - Places To Visit

Apart from being a big fan of food, I personally like to enjoy the culture and scenic view of what a place has to offer. Being in Sarawak for 5 days 4 nights was definitely not enough to visit all the places. However, these are the places I've visited and definitely would recommend to include in your itinerary. 

1. Riverwalk, Kuching City

Its always good to go around the city before heading off to other places. So, we walk along the river on a sunny and hot day. However, when you are walking with your friends and talking, it doesn't feel that bad. It's been awhile since we all catch up so we talk as we walk and also took a couple of photos as well. 
Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building 

Riverwalk Hornbill Monument
With my girls <3 

2. Carpenter Street
The Mural Art on the Street

This street has all kind of shops, food, furniture, bird nest stores and also bar. There is this pretty nice bar called the Drunk Monkey, looks like a pretty cool place. This was where we had our coffee in my previous post Sarawak - Food Hunt. The place was called Black Bean Coffee. However, because we went there late evening after 5.30pm, most of the shops were already close.

4. Jong's Crocodile Farm
Jong's Crocodile Farm is one of the largest captive breeding crocodile farm in Malaysia. I was told that Sarawak has one of the most crocodile and once in awhile, there is always cases where humans are eaten by crocodiles and the most recent was last two weeks. I was never that afraid of crocodiles but the way it was described scares me. Trust me, the amount of crocodiles in this farm is massive. It gives you the chill that you are surrounded by crocodiles even though there is a barrier there. However, it was indeed a good experience. They had bird exhibition, wild boars, bears, monkey, snakes and fishes as well. 

 Welcome by this Giant Crocodile the moment we enter the farm
 Group Photo with the Giant Crocodile
Group Photo Take 2 - Before entering the farm 
This is a legit crocodile remains that they caught. Oh my this was indeed a big one. 
Baby crocodiles 
 Golden Crocodile 

 The tailess Crocodile

 One funny looking crocodile 

The farm was really a swamp forest area which actually allow you to experience the crocodile natural habitat itself but with barriers of course. So, you are actually right above, beside all these crocodiles. There was also the feeding shows which is only at 11.00am and 3.00pm. According to other tourist, the feeding show is amazingly good but because we miss the 11am feeding time and had to go off before 3pm, so we didn't get to see them feeding the crocodiles.

Iguana Glass Exhibition

The Bird Exhibition Area :

 I talked to the peacock for a long time but it just wouldn't open up to me so end up I only the photo of it staring at the camera. Oh wells...

 Fish Exhibition :
Oh my.. the fish they had called "Koi" was big. Extremely big

Wild Boar
Cute bear bearrrrr...

My favourite was the bear because they were sooo cuteeee. The scariest thing was the crocodile! Meet this Bujang Sedang crocodile, Pak Indon!
The entrance fees for non Sarawakian adults was RM22.00 and RM12.00 for Sarawakians. For children its RM11.00 for the non Sarawakians. I do think the entrance fee was pretty reasonable considering the variety of animals it has to offer but it really does give you the feel of the animals real habitat

5. Annah Rias Hot Spring & Bidayuh Longhouse
So, we decided to get our leg dipped into hot spring and head to Annah Rias. It was a long drive indeed. Took us an hour to get there from Jong Crocodile Farm. The drive was scary was the road was bendy and there was this wooden bridge we had to cross with the car which looked terribly unstable to get to the hot spring place. So, we finally reached the hot spring place but there was so many mosquito. Entrance fee was RM5.00. Pretty cheap eh but it was a challenging trust for us to get to the hot spring area as we had to cross the river which current was pretty strong that day. We still try to cross over to get our legs dip even though we were totally not dressed for it..
We had to get to the other side for the hot spring. The water was extremely hot, it was hard for us to dip our leg there long as well. The river stones were like punishing us for crossing over as they were not smooth but so pokyyyy!

I wouldn't recommend to ya'll if you prefer the easy way of hot spring but it was an experience indeed. Next stop, we came down to visit the Bidayuh Longhouse. It was truly indeed an experience to see how Bidayuh live and their house. The house were made of all bamboo including their floor! AND they make really good rice wine as well. They welcome us wit their homemade rice wine and tadaaa.. got a photo with them
We could get the rice wine, per bottle RM10. The bottle is pretty big as well

This is where the Bidayuh stay and how the floor of the houses are made of.

I did not really get many photo of the place as I was too busy exploring every little angle of it and totally forgot to get my camera out after getting this two shots. However, I would recommend this place as well, if you are looking to experience real Bidayuh lifestyle and the houses they stay in! One thing that amaze me was despite the house being super tradition, the interior design of each room were actually similar to a normal house. 

6. Serikin Market
This market is the border between Kalimantan and Malaysia. It's also where you get really cheap stuff and some of the quality are not bad as well! The market is available only on the weekend from Friday evening until Sunday. Here's some photo I've got while I was there and before I started my shopping spree.

The market was extremely long, it took us 3 hours there shopping along the border! I've pretty decent stuff but I think the most interesting one was the craving on the keychain. You could crave anything on top for a price of RM3 per key chain! Thats extremely cheap and I don't think you can get that price anywhere especially not in KL.

7. Sarawak Cultural Village
Last place we visited before heading back home to Kuala Lumpur on the last day. Sarawak Cultural Village consist of all the cultures that they have there which includes the Bidayuh, Melanau, Penan, Iban, Malay and Chinese houses. 

The tickets are pretty expensive for tourist who are non Sarawakian about RM60ish. However, I would say it's totally worth going because of the knowledge you'll get and learn. It's said to be a living museum and they have people there dressed up in their respective costume! 

The part I love most about was the passport they gave us to enter where it include the things you need to know about the village, different cultures and also they had this mini task to collect chops from all the mini village. It's a good way of making sure the tourist goes to all of the villages and did not miss. The passport is everything you need to guide your way through! 

Started off our journey at the Theatre. Well we reached there at 12.20pm where we just missed the show AGAIN! Oh wells.. They have two slots:
11.30am - 12.15pm
4.00pm - 4.45pm 

So be sure to be there at this time or you would miss it like be. Plane was at 7pm so had to leave early. :( There is always a next time. Even though we miss the show there was still plenty more to do there. So from there we begin our educational adventure... 



This was really interesting. To complete it, it will take months and would cost you thousand. The lady was kind enough to show me how it was done =D


Chinese Traditional House

The house was a traditional house where all the pots and pan and cupboards are all olden equipment. Even the bed as well. It was not like what we see in dramas at all.

 The Sword Making House and also me and the bull skull. was heavy..

There was also the Malay House and Orang Ulu house but somehow I could not find the photos! Wonder where it all went. I did notice that I am missing quite a lot of photos in this trips. I remember taking them but somehow I can't find them in my phone. The cultural village was indeed a MUST VISIT place. It was really educational and you will be amazed but the things that they over. There were a lot of houses where they were cooking their traditional kuih. 

I manage to get a few from the place made from sago ! Well we had a few but before I took all the photo we already finish some of it. 

So, that's a wrap up our trip to the Cultural Village!

OH! Not to forget, the village is located near two resorts with a lot of activities to be done there. There was a beach near by as well. The resort is called Damai Beach Resort. The next trip in Sarawak, I will definitely stay there a few nights there. I would also wanna go to Serian and Luduk the next time. 

There is also a Matang Wildlife Centre which I missed going. We actually went there but it was already close. Turn out it closes at 3.30pm that day. There are so many more places that I have never been yet, which is where I would go back there again to continue visiting more good places like this! 

Already can't wait for my next trip thereeee 


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