Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cairns Queensland, Australia

Actively updating my blog recently because I have more spare time. It's good in a way so I can jot down about all my travelling experience all over as well. Some places might have been a super overdue post.

This trip was quite recent in late November. This was after my exams and was also a graduation trip with my friends. #GRDT30001 was the hashtag we use for our instagram. Well, because in University of Melbourne most of our subject codes were like that so same concept but we turn our grad trip to a subject. A subject we will never fail because the only thing it requires is to enjoy ourselves. Its funny how when we study for finals, burning the midnight oil is a torture but if we go on trips, staying up late was perfectly normal.

So, Cairns is known as the gateway to Great Barrier Reef. Visiting Cairns is mostly about doing the watersports there and also the diving and snorkeling and explore the beauty of the reef. Great Barrier Reef is the only wonder of the world that is visible recognized from the outer space. It is also the state icon of Queensland. We took a trip there for 4 days 3 nights. Technically it was only 3 full days cause we leave Cairns early in the morning on the 4th day. I would say it was too short to be able to visit everywhere and snorkel almost all the island. So here were the places I visited and the things I did there.

1. Palm Cove Beach 

Landed in Cairns and it was already 11am. Had our lunch and headed straight to Palm Cove Beach. Wasn't that impressed with the beach because it was pretty dirty but the walkway with the tree was nice.
As you can see the water at the side there is brown in color. Compare to the beaches in Tasmania and the water there, this was not even close to it. 
However since we were there! Might as well get a photo there! It took us almost an hour plus to get there from the city and for 6 Of us the bus return ticket cost us 66 aud! It was pretty expensive. 

Selfie with my girl on the bus ! 

2. Sunset Harbour Cruise, Cairns City
Because we arrive that day itself and it was already afternoon by the time we finish lunch, we couldn't really do much so I managed to books us for a sunset cruise which only cost us 40 aud with refreshment! I would totally say the cruise was worth it! Like I always do, it's good to have a look around the city first before heading out to other places! 

Before the sunsets, this was the view we were getting from the cruise. After awhile we decided to head out to the deck to get some air and also take photos! 

Here's me and my crew ❤️
Cheers to Graduating, Class of 2015

Sunset Moments

Cairns City Sunset View

The cruise totally worth our time. It took about three hours. Took us around the place. It was really relaxing as it was tired to take an early morning plane. Instead of going straight for all the water sports, taking this cruise was definitely a good choice. All we did was sleep, chill, relax and talk. The best part was we all just finished our finals so it helps to calm the mind. 

3. Fitzroy Island
Fitzroy Island and Green Island are two hot spot for tourist. What I did was I sign up for a full day tour to the island. The tour included all kind of activities which were boat paddling, kayaking, glass bottom boat tour, snorkeling, and the trampoline jump. It also include our lunch and only cost us 110 aud per person. Most of the other tour would cost 150 aud and above and I was glad that I could get this cheap. I booked with and they were really friendly people. Although I would have to say they are pretty strict when comes to renting the gear! 

Me likely the clear blue water! The water there was really clean! There wasn't much rubbish everywhere considering it to be a hot tourist spot as well! 

Snorkelling around Island

We were chasing after turtles but fail to caught up with it. We got to see lot of fishes and coral around the island. There were so many colourful corals. While we were on the glassboat tour, they gave us a brief introduction of the coral.Coral are colourful due to the fungi growing around it. When it dies, the coral would then turn white in colour. He also told us about how we can determine the depth of the water at the area based on the colour that is reflected from the sunlight. It was indeed a knowledgeable glass boat tour.
Kayaking crew, we spilt in to two group of boat of 3. 

Trampoline Jump - Yippeeeeee

4. Great Barrier Reef, Diving Site - Miles Reef & Club 10
As the great barrier reef is extremely big, there are many places to dive and there is also many places to dive from. So, I took a tour to visit two diving/snorkelling sites which depart from Cairns City. Do note that certain diving sites are pretty dirty. The one that we went was actually really clean and totally love the first diving site. The corals were so pretty. All these tours depart early in the morning and this one was 6am. 
All the sleepy morning facesss..

All Suited Up to Snorkel and Dive

The tourguide, crew, and this photographer here was the nicest people ever. They were pretty helpful and they would not hesitate to help you at all
Snorkelling in the deep blue sea with Aleqiu

Sneak Peek of The Corals! I didn't have much photo because we only took videos of the corals. I tried uploading up but it didn't work as all the files were too big. Trust me, its even more beautiful with your own eyes. 

The only catch of this corals is you gotta really go far and look for them. Some were pretty normal but some were just extraordinary. However, only Miles Reef was good. The second site we went had only fishes, stingray and a little bit of coral. The others saw baby shark but me and my friends did not see any at all. 

Oh! The seasick we had was horrible! The current and wave were really strong that day. Out of 6 of us, only 1 of us survive. The rest of us were just gone, took the seasick medicine and slept until we reach the sites. It was just so horrible but that didn't stop us from going into the water. I thought I wouldn't be having any seasickness but turn out I was wrong. It was so bad. Thank god we were well prepared to get the medicine in Melbourne before flying to Cairns. 

This tour cost us 115 AUD for snorkelling but for diving it probably cost about 160AUD++. Two of my friends went diving but because they only decided that day so they had to pay extra. I was so sad because I couldn't dive as I was having pretty bad sinus and the people were really strict. I asked them if I could go diving with a mild sinus, they were like No, we don't encourage. I regretted so much. My friends said with diving, it's even more prettier!

5. Cairns Esplanade Swimming Lagoon

So, right at the city near the piers, they have this swimming lagoon which is a safe swimming location and is open all year round. Right beside it, they have the boardwalk and also a sandy beach swimming pool. A lot of families would bring their children there to play as there was also a mini playground nearby as well. So what we did was, right after diving, we went over there to play after returning to the pier. We did lots of random stuff, took lots of video and also did the hair flip. Even the guys did it. We were trying to get the right shot so we did a couple of time and trust me, the next day our neck hurts so bad. 

 Here, it was more like chilling and relaxing with friends. Instead of ending our last day with seasickness from the ride, why not end it with a nice relaxing and chilling place at the swimming pool. After all, we are already there, might as well enjoy what it has to offer.

This trip was definitely super enjoyable, we totally love the activities and also the place we were staying,

We were staying in Vision Apartments in the city. It's really strategic as it was just walking distance to the pier when we go for the tours, the night market, food area, swimming lagoon and even the casino. The casino was pretty old school, not the typical classy casino you will see. Back to the apartment, it was really cozy and big! We stay there for 3 nights and it cost us only 970 AUD! It actually pretty decent considering the size of it. It was a 3 bedroom apartment with two toilets, a big kitchen, living room and balcony. For an apartment this big and nice, 970 aud is actually a pretty decent price.

Leaving Cairns was really sad for us, we wanted to do more, we didn't do the River rafting nor did we go the Kuranda Railway and Cable car. If I were given another chance to go back there, I would definitely go there again and more snorkellinggggg =D

Its a big world out there, it would be ashame to not experience the beauty that it has to offer. Don't just sit back at home, come out to see the world and you will be amaze to know what's out there!

Signing off....


  1. What a fun days to spend with your friends after the final. Thank you for the information about the dirty beach, snorkeling, and other things to do in the city, as well as prices information. Do you think the dirty water got an effect from the season?

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