Friday, February 5, 2016

Operator 25

Missing Melbourne Brunch so much. So here's one of the brunch places in Melbourne that has good brunches. I've been here too many times so I am just going to post all the food that I've tried here before.

Operator 25 is located in the Melbourne CBD on Will Street. The menu of this place changes every quarter so you get a variety of choices and you can always try something different. I would definitely go there at least once every semester. If I were to bring friends from Malaysia around in Melbourne to try the food, I would always bring them here. Not only the food is good, the coffee as well.

Well, I am not a coffee lover but my friends and parents are. According to them, the coffee here is pretty good. So, here's a cup of cappucino that my mum ordered.

My very first time to Operator 25, I tried the corn fritters. Any brunches places I go, I will always go for their corn fritters first. If they don't have it then I will pick something else on the menu. 
The all time favorite, Sweet Corn Fritters, Tomato Salad, Goat Curb with Fried Duck Egg
This was smashing! Totally love it! So muchyyy. I went back there twice that same week to order the same thing right before flying back to Malaysia. When I came back, they already changed the menu and this wasn't on it anymore, left me heartbroken!

Pulled Pork Burger with Sweet Potato Wedges, Fried egg, Chilli Mayo, Coriander, Cabbage and Carrot Slaw on Brioche Bun
This was another signature dish from Operator 25. They kept this on their menu for two quarters but have already change it now. If it comes back, this is definitely the dish you would want to go for. This is my second favourite from Operator 25. Totally loved the sweet potato wedges. 

Elderflower sago with chia seeds, rhubarb and strawberry compote, with white chocolate foam and freeze-dried mango
This was a dessert after deal for me and it indeed a flavorful and delicious one. The flavors were refreshing and it wasn't too sweet. Everything was just nice. The white chocolate foam and strawberry compote match pretty well! AND Who doesn't love desserts with sago? Anything dessert with sago is never bad.

Sweet Potato Fries/Wedges
Each time I go there, I will definitely ordered this one here. This was by far the best sweet potato wedges in Melbourne. It 7 aud for a basket of chips. It's usually not on the menu but you can always ordered them from the waiter/waitress. 

Granola with poached figs and syrup 
When I am not too hungry and want to go for a healthy brunch dish, I would order the granola. I like having granola because its not too filling for the tummy and its also a sweet dish. This one here also also good and especially love the poached figs.

Chicken A La Normande with braised apples, pickled shallots, kipfler potatoes, green beans and almond. 
Another good lunch dish from Operator 25. I had this twice there, totally love how tender the chicken fillet was and the braised apples were really good. It does feel weird having to have braised apple and chicken together but trust me, it was smashingly delicious.

This is their most recent menu of the last quarter of 2015. 
Matcha Crumpets with Poached Pears,Macerated berries,kaya sauce, lychee pearls and Mango
For those matcha lover, this matcha crumpets does really have the matcha crumpets. By itself, its a bit tasteless but mix with everything else and the kaya sauce, then it'll taste good. However, my many times there, this dish was the one I least enjoy.

Soft Shell Crab on Squid Ink Brioche, Lime Mayo, Nam Jing dressing, coconut and herb salad
This one was delicious! My mum ordered this and I stole a bite and totally love it.

Balinese Pork, Pork Fillet and belly cooked in traditional Balinese Spices, marcilla, sambal malah, lemongrass broth, stir fired corn, green beans and mushroom
Pork Belly, always the favourite dish that we would ordered in any brunch places and this was really done well and delicious. The pork fillet was tender and with the spices and broth, it blends together all so well. 

Address :
25, Wills Street,
Melbourne CBD

Phone :
(03) 9670 3278

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 7am - 4pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 4pm

Webpage ;

It Brew My Mind 
~ Operator 25 ~

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