Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Mayfield Lavendar Farm

31st July 2018
The first day after my official term end for my postgraduates study. Also counting down to 5 days till my freedom ends as I am starting work on the 6th August 2018. Don’t get me wrong but I’ll trilled and excited to get back for some real work. 

Either ways, today I decided to take a short day trip to Lavendar Farm in Mayfield. I’ve visited a similar lavendar farm back in Adelaide but it was scorching hot that the plants look really dead. I would really like to see healthy purple lavender fields and hence, my trip there.

Took a tfl rail from Farringdon Station to Horsham. It’s about 5 stops before we get off at South Croydon Station and then take bus 166 to the farm. 

Me waiting at the train station. Definitely have to get some weight off. So here’s me in a floral dress I got from H&M for 6 pounds. What a steal! :) Selfie while Waiting for the train to come pick me up!

After 1.5 hours, finally arrive at the place. Bus 166 literally drop you off in front of the Lavendar Farm. Entrance fee is 2 pound. Unbelievably cheap. Would really advise you guys to bring cash rather than having to go to the counter pay by card and then bring over to the ticket seller to get the tics.

I had fun there taking a lot of nice photos. The farm is legit. It’s massive and huge! The Lavendar plants are all healthy so you really purple fields. As usual I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Here goes...

Weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot and there was a slight wind. You get a bit of sunshine once awhile but it’s not enough to burn you. To those who are afraid of bees, there’s a lot everywhere but they do not sting. I guess as long you do not bother them, they’ll be friendly to you too.

And next’s up are the shots my friend got for me. I am not much of a photogenic person but the pictures turn out really good. We deduce that the landscape made every photo worthy. With a blue sky and purple field, what else could go wrong?

Notice that my arm are of two tone. Sadly, this was the results of me travelling around during the hot sun last two weeks. However, the beauty of the field kind of compensate for the mismatch and uneven skin tone colour. :)

I took gazillion of shots but these were my favourites! I even sat there just observing how nature can be so beautiful for 30 minutes. So I spend about 1.5 hours around the field and head over to the pop up store to get some sourvenirs. If you are a big Lavendar fan, there’s Lavendar tea, soap, chocolates, jam, body lotion and perfume bags. There’s even snack bar and ice cream, of course Lavendar flavour! 

Did a short tea time there before heading back to the city. Even though it was a fairly short day trip, I found it really relaxing. There was no rush and it was just me and nature and a friend third wheeling us. I gotta say the time you spend in the farm is shorter than your travelling hours there. Well, if you are keen on just walking around the neighbourhood there, you could but its pretty much like all other residential area. For more information about the farm, you can visit their website here.

Overall, I really enjoy myself and I would say if you want insta worthy photo then you’ll in for a treat. :) The best times are apparently from end of June up till end of August. I got really lucky with the weather today. Its been a long time since I've travel to a place just for nature and I am glad I made this trip. You know what they always say about Nature...

" A walk in Nature walks the Soul back Home"

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