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The Originals Season 5 Finale (Final Thoughts)

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The end of Klaus and Elijah life were the closing to The Originals. I knew they were going to kill one lead character. Little did I expect, it was two character. Elijah was my favourite originals except this season. I wouldn't say this season was exceptionally dramatic but it feels like it was in the rush trying to make flow to the ending of the life of the Great Klaus.

Here are my few final thoughts on the show.

Klaus Character Build Up 
Klaus Mikaelson, the big bad wolf from The Vampire Diaries. He never really had the heart and kills as he likes. All of these change when Hope enter into his life. We watch how his character was actually a complex individual with daddy's issue. Camille and Caroline (Both starting with C) were the two woman he love and would convince him to do good. Ultimately, his own fresh blood got him to be more human than ever.

I loves how he did not follow his daddy footsteps in trying to kill his children and hunt them for centuries. I love how they build up his character at the end. It was no surprise that he was going to be the one dying to end the finale. The pattern in TVD where Stephan, the lead cast died as well. It was basically the similar style that the tv series ending.

Did Elijah and Klaus had to die together?
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My favourite part of the entire series is how they uphold "Forever and Always". It was always the dynamic duo for this two. Elijah ultimate goal was to help Klaus redeem himself which he finally succeeded with the help of Hope. Did anyone realise that all the woman Elijah loves or once loved all had their life ended in tragedy? I understand how we are all frustrated that Elijah died but then again, what's left for him. Kol is living a life with the woman he love and Rebekah is turning human. Freya has Keelin and definitely capable to take care of herself. Hayley is dead. All he has left to protect is Hope but she would not forgive him for what he has done.

He lived a good life for years in France, to for once not follow Klaus around, helping him to redeem himself. I like to think that Elijah would have an afterlife with Hayley, keeping up the last dance promise. The end of the Originals ended with the brothers who started it. 

Caroline, yet again lost someone she love

I rooted for Klaroline so much and I am really disappointed that it did not even happen in this season. Couldn't they write a better romance story for Caroline? First, Tyler then Stephan and now Klaus. I love how they build up her character so well but I really don't like how her part of the story goes. The only thing she is left with is the twins and Alaric. 

She did had Klaus back this time round but only to see the end of him. Not before him bringing her around New Orleans. That voice message though, she saved it after all these years. I hope the story of her in Legacy would be better. I am sure she would be in it. After all, she started the school for the gifted and is headmistress. 

Favourite Scenes : Family Dinner
The only picture I could online on my favourite scene of this episode.
We never actually had the full family gathering of all the Mikaelson, or at least the remaining ones. This was the first of it and I really like how they were laughing and not stabbing each other. At the same time, it made me cry knowing that its Klaus and Elijah final moments. Marcel came over to tell Hope he will always be there for her. At least, we know that there is still one strong vampire who got Hope's back now that Klaus and Elijah is gone. 

The way they stab each other and just burn away in ashes. What happen to the afterlife??? Its bad enough we have a sad ending but we did not see their afterlife. At least give us fans something good at the ending. We do see Hayley visiting Hope so we know she's good. It wouldn't hurt for a short 2 minutes scene of that for Klaus and Elijah

After everything we all gone through from TVD and Originals, the ending was just..... I do not have words to describe except that I wish it would have been better. 

Also, Davina was the main cast for the first few seasons but they did not even mention her. I am curious but I wish they did. 

Overall, I definitely did not like how the story ended but it goes make sense that Julie Plec wrote it that way. I'll miss The Originals. Feels like a part of me gone to be honest. Every year, TVD and The Originals are the two series I will wait for and chase for it weekly. I hope to still see them in Legacy although I do believe its time for the younger generation to take over. 

All my favourite character of the entire Originals series. I guess you'll have me as a loyal fans watching all your movies. Its been a good five (5) seasons!

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