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8 TIPS to an Amazing and Affordable Holiday

I know that each and every traveler will have their own preferences and way of travelling. I’ve been writing up so much on the places I travel and this time, I decided to do something more different and give a hint on how do I plan my itinerary and grab good deals. I do not really go all out into budget travelling, but I make sure to be able to get the most out of it at a lower cost. I am quite picky and hence, if you are like me, I pretty sure you understand what I mean. I usually make sure I save for a long time before heading on for a trip. I don’t spend much on the normal days so that I could spend it while I am out around the globe.

 Good Deals on Flight Tickets and Accommodation

The most obvious thing to do for good deals is usually buying your ticket much earlier and also keep up on the airlines newsletter on what are the latest deals. For most of us who are working or have inflexible time table, this would be hard because we wouldn’t know what happen and our timetable few months down the road. Hence, I would definitely say if you are really busy, always try to get tickets to places where its an off peak tourist season. For example, I bought my Slovenia return ticket for about 50 pounds which is actually quite reasonable since it was 6 days beforehand.

As for accommodation, there is always cheaper place to stay. You just need to work harder in looking. I would say in Europe, always go for the Boutique Hotels. They are really pretty and have quite the ambience and decoration giving you the feel of staying in that city. Usually, they provide breakfast which means you don’t have to worry about your meals. If you calculated it right, it’s actually more worth it than to eat out.

Planning the Itinerary

I know spontaneous trip can be really fun but I would definitely suggest to plan an itinerary before heading to a place. I am pretty sure everyone has their own bucket list. You can always start planning ahead before you even get the tickets, save it in your computer and open them when you need it. Planning an itinerary saves you so much trouble.

  • No confusion and won’t stressing out to find means of transportation and system
  • Efficient and Good Time Management. Won’t be wasting precious time trying to find out about a place before thinking of going.
  • Prepare the necessities you’ll need for the trip based on the activities that you will be doing.
  • Prioritization on the places you want to visit. Sometimes, a city/ country has so much to offer but yet you have limited time to explore these places.
A lot of people uses trip advisor but I tend to follow travel bloggers because their experience tend to me more suitable for me. They not only discover hidden gems because trip advisor only suggest mainstream places, they even give you an actual review about the place more often.

My other way include going to tour packages to look at their itinerary and plan mine by referring to those. These are mostly professionally planned itinerary and I'll always take those packages who had good reviews. Going on paid tour are usually much more expensive. Hence, this is one of my few tricks in getting a well planned itinerary.

Travelling Styles

I love planning my activities of various kind and visiting different things. This would mean that I will make sure when I visit a place, I would visit the historical landmark (museum and such), lookout points for city views, visiting different types of cities, theaters, zoo, beaches, coastal area (if they are popular for it), caves, water activities and going to their local market. A country / city has so much to offer so I don’t restrict myself to just one type of sightseeing. 

Certain people has more preference to make their trips just for hiking, history landmark, or water activities and that is totally fine because they might have their own priority which is awesome, ticking off their bucket list.

Sightseeing Entrance Ticket Deals

This is a major problem when it comes to trying to budget because entrance tickets can be so expensive at times. I usually like going to travel webpage that offer packages with 3 in 1 sightseeing which is a steal. My favourite was the one I got in NYC where I wait 80 pounds for 6 entrances tourist place which would have cost me 100 over pounds more.

Also, do check the entrance fees on their webpage before buying online. Sometimes online can be more expensive but most of the time, it’s much cheaper. Yes, again.. this is planning the itinerary. As I said, blogger who bought these packages usually share the link so I love reading bloggers pages.

Marketing Scam

As we all know, this is very popular all over the world and it’s really important that we know how to protect ourselves from these. Again, I have read up on experiences of bloggers who got scammed and share it out. Learn all of this to prevent them. Things to note:

  • If someone is offering to help you for free, there is definitely a catch. For example helping you to get a photo which then he / she charge you a high price for it. 
  • Giving you flowers and wrist band for free only to ask you for donation.
  • Taking you to places, offering you to give a market tour and then asking you to buy stuff forcefully from their friends (Pretty much common in Morocco cities)
  • If a deal is too cheap to be true, make sure to check the source and validity of the company or website.
There might be more and it will really be helpful for you guys to leave me a comment below if I missed out on anything. I will just add it up here for everyone’s information.


Another common crime that a lot of us would experience when we are travelling. I would definitely suggest that for guys, if you are keeping wallet and stuff in your pocket, make sure to get jeans that have tight pockets. If there is any movement you will realise it for sure.

As for girls, make sure to carry sling bags facing you at the front and keep it zipped all the time. The problem with backpacks is that they usually silt open the bag and take everything out and before you know it, everything is gone.

We can’t stop this act but we can prevent it from happening to us. So why not, take precaution before we regret after.

Check the Weather

One thing I learn is that make sure to check the weather before heading off to certain places. I always make this mistakes where I put indoor activities during a good weather and outdoor activities when there’s a bad weather. Now, a week before I head over to the place, I make sure to rearrange my itinerary based on the weather to make the most out of it. In that case we won’t be annoyed and enjoy the activities as it is.


Don’t get overly stress out over your travel trip. Remember that its something that relieve you from your stress and also taking a break out of work. If travelling is your work, you must love travelling for you to make it your life. Just keep remind yourself why did you start travelling. Always have fun and make the most of it. Don’t be stress out if you did not cover all the places, you can always come here again. The country/city will always be there.

If something unfortunate happen, don’t be too down over it. It something that has happened and all you need to do is just move on and try to enjoy on the rest of your trip.

I hope that this would be helpful for those of you out there and feel free to leave suggestion on anything that I’ve missed out.

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  1. Great article with some really useful tips! Thanks :)

  2. Great article. We ALWAYS plan ahead. And we tend to skip tours or paid for excursions. We prefer to explore on our own, and it saves money!

  3. Nice article! I try to save money by saving on transportation, too, as that can be a huge cost in travel. Wether that means walking a little further, taking all public transport, or bringing my bicycle, it really helps! The other thing I'll say is that if you are willing to be flexible with your plans for accommodations, sometimes you discover cheap alternatives that you didn't see online. On rare occasion, of course!

  4. Love the article and all the information you provided. Its always good to stay prepared and have all the information ahead of time. We learned this the hard way.

  5. Wonderful post! Everyone should be able to travel and finding cheap options makes it so much more accessible.

  6. Really nicely written post with some useful tips that will help others who are planning for a memorable yet budget friendly holiday. I am not a flight user because international trips are not my type but I am sure it will help many.

  7. These are good practical tips. Travel more to see the beauty of this world. This world is much more than one sees or read in tv/newspapers.

  8. We love to have as much holiday within one year and planning in advanced and getting a bit of a discount is key. Thanks for sharing your post, it is nicely written and easy to read. great

  9. But fear not – here are plenty of holiday budget tips you can follow to ensure you get the most out of your trip without breaking the bank. Thanks for some great advice.

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  15. These little tips are great! I discovered you when I was researching travelling to every country back a year or two ago. Its my dream to experience every country, so I'll be doing a lot of solo travel by car


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