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Brisbane Travels

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. Definitely a city to drop by for 1 - 2 days and spend at the same time, you can go over to Gold Coast or Cairns. Gold Coast for theme parks and Cairns for diving and the Great Barrier Reef. If you would like to know more what to do in these place feel free to click on link to find out!

Flew into Brisbane from Adelaide to travel around before heading back to Melbourne. I had a friend living there so I stayed at his place. It was nice because he had a car there which made it really easy to get around. So, what did I do there? I was there for 4 days 3 nights where I spend a day in Gold Coast.

Day 1

Lone Pine Koala Santuary

World largest and oldest (founded in 1927) koala sanctuary. I spend almost a full day here as there was quite a lot to do and see. Although its called a Koala Santuary, there is more than just Koala. There were the different species of birds (I LOVE THE BIRD SHOW). The show was very interactive. Also, every animal touristy area in Australia would definitely have the kangaroo and wallaby. You can feed them here as well.

There was so much going on in the place and I had a fun time and even a selfie with the koala. Their fur are so soft and nice to pet. They really do sleep a lot and I am amazed they sleep while hugging the trees. If I had to hold on something when I sleep, I’ll definitely fall from it.

Mount Coo-tha

To get Brisbane best view, head up to Mount Coo-tha, a lookout over Brisbane itself. Its super close by to the Koala Santuary which is perfect to get there on the same day. You can spend the whole day around Coo-tha going to the gardens and go for the hiking trails as well. There is also a planetarium there which you can go for stargazing.

Day 2

Brisbane CBD

We went around the square and wander around. Brisbane city is very similar to Adelaide CBD. They weren’t as crowded and busy as Sydney and Melbourne.

King George Square
This is a public square and also where the Brisbane City Hall was located. Since Christmas was just around the corner, there was this really big Christmas Tree there. We spend time exploring the square and the shops around it. I rarely go around squares in Australia but this one is the biggest I been to around Australia.  

South Bank
There was a man-made beach there which was the most crowded place I seen in Brisbane so far. I guess it was summer and since Australia only had 3 months of sun and most of them were windy and gloomy, they would maximize the beach activity as much as possible. Apart from that, you can visit the South Bank Parklands and the modern art gallery or even take the Wheel of Brisbane, a close up look of Brisbane city when you reach the peak.

City Hopper
Board the ferry and start exploring the city through the Brisbane river. You can make stops on the way which in my case I was heading to University of Queensland. This is like the cheapest way to explore a city. By means of a transportation to get you to places and at the same, you can to see most of the city and decide where would your next destination would be in.

University of Queensland
I absolutely love this university. I been to Cambridge and it definitely have that Cambridge feels in terms of the architecture of the university. There was a lot of green everywhere which made it really pleasing to the eyes. This is a public research university ranking in the top 50 worldwide and definitely should rank as the few top campus in the world. You can get to the university by bus or ferry.

Its super cool to actually get to university by ferry. You can the view of the city from the Brisbane river and at the same time, how many people go to university by a ferry? Super cool isn’t it. However, now let me get the picture to do the talking.

Basically after exploring the city, some wine tasting and cherry picking and encounters with the animals, that pretty much sum up my 7 days trips to Adelaide and Queensland.

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  1. Your pictures look amazing. I would love to visit Brisbane one day too. WIll follow this guide.

  2. Brisbane looks amazing. I would love to visit a Koala sanctuary. That manmade beach looks interesting with all the high rises in the background.

  3. I have been to Brisbane a few years ago and this is a very good description of things to do and see. Personally I loved Lone Pine! Koalas are so cute!

  4. The koala sanctuary sounds amazing! I didn't know you could take a ferry. I'll definitely follow your amazing suggestions when I finally make it out to this part of the world!

  5. I have always wanted to see a koala up close and the sanctuary sounds like just the right place to go to.

    There are some great ideas that will keep you busy for quite a while if you are planning a visit to Brisbane.

  6. Brisbane seems like a really great place to visit. All your travel tips are on point and the pictures are amazing. The Mount Coo-tha and Koala Sanctuary really lovely places to visit. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. What a lovely, comprehensive guide of Brisbane! You seem to have covered the city's highlights with just one article, that's impressive. Thank you for sharing this list, I'll bookmark it for my upcoming trip to Brisbane!

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