Monday, January 14, 2019

Afternoon Tea in London : Hotel Café Royal

A luxurious afternoon tea in an unique historic setting. A small, unique space where many events has taken place. The Oscar Wilde Lounge is definitely eye catching and where you want to be surrounded by the unique paintings. When I first walked into the lounge, I was captivated by the grand environment of the room.

Given that I am a big fan of afternoon tea, a good setting is very important for be to indulge in all these sweet treats. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and the feels. Setting is very important for a theme afternoon tea. Well, Hotel Café Royal definitely live up to its name on the ambience of the place.

This place reminds me of the Louvre and Vatican museum with all the painting on the ceiling. Well, of course, the beauty in the museum and the history behind those painting is more beautiful and so much stories to one painting. It just brings back to my travel memories to those places. Also, it doesn't feel like you are in London.

Next up, the afternoon tea delicacy and sweet treats on the Festive Afternoon Tea

First up, are the selection of sandwiches :

  • English cucumber, rose pepper, cinnamon 
  • Keen’s cheddar cheese, sweet and sour pickle 
  • H.Forman smoked salmon, wild fennel pollen 
  • Bronze turkey, pickled cranberry 
  • Atlantic prawn cocktail in a brioche bun 
This is a setting for two people. 

My favourite was the atlantic prawn cocktail in a brioche bun. Like most afternoon tea, the sandwiches are bottomless refillable section. I had to order one more for it. Quick tip on afternoon tea, although it is refillable, I would suggest you only do it after you had everything because the entire menu is way too full for one person. If you fill your stomach all with sandwiches, you will not enjoy the next two as you are on full tank. 

As for the scones and delicacies:
  • Traditional raisin and plain scones with Clotted cream and Strawberry jam

  • Yuzu and mandarin choux 
  • Spiced plum tart, orange cream 
  • Tonka bean, cherry, chocolate bar 
  • Blackcurrant financier, chestnut cream

And yes, the delicacies has the festive decorations on top of it which was really cute. 

I always start with the scones and I really love the scones here. I know that having both scones means you will be too full to have the delicacies but I just had too. Warm, fluffy and the crispyness on the outside. 

The delicacies is are very rich in flavour especially the Tonka bean, cherry chocolate bar. Very rich in chocolate, if you are big fan of chocolate, you are going to love it. As for me, I was already very full at that moment and I thought the delicacies was 

I love plum and when I saw the plum tart, I went straight for it. I find it just a normal plum tart but it blended quite well with the orange cream. 

The yuzu and mandarin choux was fluffy cream on the inside which was really taste and melts in your mouth. It was the delicacies with the lightness flavour and I had it last so it was a good finishing treat for me. 

Lastly, the blackcurrant financier and chestnut cream was one I felt quite special as I never thought blending both blackcurrent and chestnut cream into one. The texture of the treat was smooth and the flavour blended quite well. 

My selection of tea :
  • Lychee & Rose Noir - aromatic rose and scented lychee, perfect to start of the afternoon tea
  • Red Berry & Hibicus - strong berry taste and ever so refreshing, smooth as it is definitely goes with all the treat
  • Silver Needle - a light tea, which was does not overpower the taste of the sandwiches but goes with it, cleaning you palette, ready for the next sandwich that you are about to take.

Overall, I love the entire experience there. It was pleasant as we were catching with friends. The service was amazing as well. Gotta say, the waiters there are well trained with the camera. Took a really great group photo for us, symmetrically balance and capture the entire ambience and setting for the lounge. 

The waiters there gives you good recommendation and like all our tea, will explain what each treat are and the preference and orders that you should go for to get the best out of it. Rating this place a 9/10. A royal setting, with delicious treat and amazing service. What more can you ask for! 

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