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Boston Traventures in Spring

11th - 13th May 2018
Last stop, Boston. Took an early flight off to Boston and head over to my friend's place. As I had friends in Boston, one of them kindly offer me his accommodation which saved me a lot of money. He studied in Boston University so you would all expect, I had a tour around the university campus as my first stop.

The weather change really quickly from warm to cold. It was 25 degrees one day before and in Boston, it drop 11 degrees. And for Boston, I didn't have enough time to plan for it so I got the Boston City Pass which was much cheaper that the NY Pass. We got it for £45 and it included:

  • New England Aquarium
  • Museum of Science
  • Skywalk Observatory
  • Boston Harbor Cruise OR Harvard Museum of Natural History
Since we had the pass, we did all four places and definitely walking around Boston city as well. And Boston is famous for their lobster. There were so many recommendation given to us and we just had to try it for ourselves. 

I definitely gotta say I had the best lobster roll in my life. As we've been travelling for about a good 7-8 days now, we were taking it a notch down. Instead of going all intense exploring the city, we did the main tourist sites and had my friend brought us around. Here's a list of the things I did: 

Boston University

The campus was huge and this was the first American university campus I've visited. My friend brought us around and explain to us the buildings and it was very insightful for me. I've never studied in an American university so I kind of got a glimpse of what it would have been like. 

I was planning to visit Harvard on the other side of the river but we didn't have the time at last. But I really enjoy the walk around Boston Uni. And I totally love the neighbourhood around the university and it's so pretty during spring. 

There were trees everywhere and the houses design are just what you've seen in the movies! They have the open concept without gates as well. I guess their security and area must be pretty safe. The day I arrive, the weather was pretty good and hence, I've got a good a really good view around the neighbourhood. Also, you can get a pretty good view of the skyline if you head over to the Boston University Bridge!

New England Aquarium 

With over 1.3million visitor a year, this aquarium here make a good visit place especially when it's raining! There was definitely a lot of kids visiting this aquarium but as for me, I like visiting aquarium, especially the dolphin, seals and penguins! The one thing that I enjoyed most during the aquarium was getting up close with the stringray. I spend close to 30-40 mins at that particular area just touching them and it was so fun. 

They would wiggle a little bit but they back is so smooth to touch and you just keep coming back for more. 

And these cute little penguins, greedy little thing but so cute when they are munching on little fish. They can be really noisy but you'll forgive them for their cuteness.

Skywalk Observatory

As usual, if there's a skyscraper, I will definitely be visiting it. I really love getting the high views of a city and for some reason, it gives me a very bliss feeling. You'll get a beautiful 360 degree of Boston city, audio guide to explain the landmarks. We spend about 2-3 hours there as we waited for the sunset. It was beautiful. We killed time by going for the projector shows of Boston such as the immigration history, and history moments.

Boston Harbour Cruise

What better way to explore the city by water? Of course taking a cruise with a tour guide to bring you around and explains to you everything! We were a bit worried that we weren't going to see anything due to the rain and it would get really misty sometimes. Lucky for us, we still had a good time and enjoyed the tour with a gloomy view. That's better that getting a misty view! There was an upper deck for you to go up for some breeze on a good weather.

Well, we had a good sunny city view on the day before, so I just tell myself take this view and imagine blue skies! On a sunny day, it's really nice strolling along the city without having to carry an umbrella everywhere. 

Quincy Market

After the cruise, it was only walking distance to Quincy Market, located near Faneuil Market. Time for some food! We were already hungry and drenched! When we found the market, we got so excited and there were so many stalls and food all around us.

Museum of Science

This was definitely a family to-go-place. Going back to the museum brings me back to the time where I was a kid visiting PetroScience in KLCC back home. This museum was definitely bigger and better. There was so much to do and a lot of things to learn as well. It was quite fun playing with all the inventions and also my favourite part was the Tesla show. 

It was definitely a place for family but we had quite a lot of fun. We were actually deciding if we should actually visit it. It was raining so heavily that we decided to head over to the museum. Time pass so fast when we were in there because we ended up going for the shows, playing with a lot the interactive machine and learning about areas we've never covered in schools. 

We spend two full days doing these things in Boston. It wasn't much as we were already really tired and decided to take it really slow. I would definitely go back there as I didn't visit the freedom trail and quite a lot of other attraction places. 

Also in Boston, we had our personal two favourite meals! Of course we had to try the Boston lobster. We were recommended to go to Neptune Oyster but we didn't make it there. The first day we went there, they said to wait for 3 hours. So we decided to wake up early the next day and queue before they open. We arrived 30 mins before the opening time but the queue was already super long and it look like it was more than 3 hour wait. 

James Hook & Co

We were disappointed but not discouraged. Our second choice was James Hook & Co! And it was definitely the bomb. Best lobster roll I've had! I love lobster and this was my first time having a roll. I always have it grilled or steam because I felt like it was more value for money. However, this roll was huge. For $24, it was definitely more than enough for the both of us as we ordered other food as well. We had the Lobster Bisque and Coleslaw as well. It was an early breakfast and probably that's why it was enough for the two of us. 

This might seem small but it was definitely filling. It was pure lobster meat and the dressing was amazing! Despite the dressing, the bread was not soggy. 
When you order lobster roll, it's always less meat but this one was definitely loaded with lobster meat and it was so fresh. The restaurant look like a small family restaurant, small and we definitely didn't have to queue for it. The turnaround was fast and it was spacious despite only having a few tables. Definitely this will be the first meal stop for me the next time I visit Boston. 

Raising Cane's Chicken Finger

Well, if you think all fast food and more or less the same, I was proven wrong when I tried Cane's chicken finger. The highlight of the meal was definitely the special sauce which was goes perfectly as a dipping for the chicken finger. I had this twice. One time right before I flew back to London. Finishing my trip with a finger licking good chicken meal!

Every bite you take of the chicken, the crispness and tender meat will keep you coming back for more. Every now and then, when I have KFC or McD, I will think for Cane Chicken Finger, wishing that they would opened up a store in London. Definitely be my go-to place once every two weeks. Every week would be a red flag on the health. When my friend first told me that this place had the best chicken finger dipping, I decided to give it a try and then realise this was the real deal for fried chicken! Felt like my highlight for the entire Boston city was the food as we had also a real good Italian meal on one of the nights.

I definitely need to go back there again, but this time to explore more of the city and discover the hidden gems that it has to offer. Till next time, Boston!

Definitely had a good trip in New York and Washington. It was a good trip before heading back to London to officially commence our third and final term.


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