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Top 9 Places to Eat in London

I am not just a traveler, but I am a major foodie too. I never say “NO” to food and will always keep myself filled. If I go to a country, I will definitely pay for a good local food meal, I love to try out the different food they have in the country as long as they are not too spicy and not beef. Anyway, here’s my take on what to munch on when you are in London which is a combination of dessert and mains as well. It’s a mixture of different cuisine so take your pick!


Indian food is the traditional food in United Kingdom. So if you are here, make sure to have a good Indian food meal here. My absolute favourite would definitely be Dishoom. I been there too many times to count. The spice and flavouring is just amazing. My favourite dish would be the fried calamari. I never fail to order it every time when I am there. Sadly, this dish has been recently taken off the menu. The biryani rice and lamb rack are absolutely delicious and you have the grilled food as well. Oh and not to forget to order the Chicken Ruby - second favourite!

Price : $$
Address : They have many branches but it really depend on where you are. There’s one near Oxford Street, Covent Garden and Shoreditch.


This is a tapas restaurant and even though it might look really simple but trust me, there is so much flavor in it and the seafood is so fresh , you can taste its freshness and juiciness from the meat. Only downside to this, the portion might not be the biggest and it might not fill you up and you probably be hungry in 2-3 hours later. If you are looking for good tapas and major foodie, definitely have to try out Barrafina. I will consider it quite pricy for small plates but totally worth the price for the flavor.

Price : $$$
Address : Branch in Soho and Covent Garden


My favourite is Korean BBQ or Korean food in general. It’s a weekly dose for me and I will definitely have to get this cuisine in the week. My favourite place would be Assa for sure. It has a mixture of hotpot,BBQ (you don’t do it yourself), small eats, noodles and fried chicken. Love the sweet chilly fried chicken and the seafood pancake. Life is never complete without Korean food. 

Oh, it's actually quite spicy. I don't eat spicy food but this is too good to miss it. I think this place is more suitable for the korean hotpot and not the korean BBQ. For korean BBQ, the place to go should either be Ole or Arang. The hotpot here has never fail to amaze me and my friends. We always come out satisfy and full from Assa. The only thing is that this has a really long queue. 

Price : $$
Address : 23 Romilly St., Soho, London, W1D 5AQ

The Old Dutch

A pancake place which offer it sweet or savory. The portion is majorly huge if you opt for a savory pancake. You’ll definitely be full after this meal. Best part is that this is cheap and I loveeee the pancakes. Its perfectly done, not overly cook and you can feel the moistness from it. They have a large variety of flavor to pick and on Monday, you can get a lot of the pancakes for £5.95. ABSOLUTE STEAL

Price : $
Address : 131-132 High Holborn, London WC1V 6PS

Greyhound Café

A chain Thai restaurant all over the world. The food is pretty authentic, and they do have some of the Thai dessert that you don’t get it anywhere as well. I love the ambience of the restaurant and perfect for a date night. Food is flavorful and portion is just nice for a meal I ordered the duck noodle and love it. It's rare that you get a cafe with good ambience and food. Definitely recommended if you are to pick a place where you can catch with friends.

Price : $$
Address : 37 Berners St. Fitzrovia, London, W1T 3LZ
Link :

Dozo Sushi

Of course, we can’t miss out a good Japanese cuisine. I have tried a lot of Japanese restaurant and all of them are actually really good. However, if I have to pick one, it would definitely be Dozo! I love the freshness of the food and although I don't eat raw food. My friends love the sashimi there as well. The bento set can be super filling and my favourite would definitely be the Volcano Maki. 

Price : $$
Address : 32, Old Compton St, London, W1D 4TP
Link :

Mandarin Kitchen (Queensway)

Of course, not forgetting the Chinese cuisine. I personally develop a liking for Mandarin Kitchen in Queensway right outside the Queensway station. Although far from Chinatown, the food is still delicious and mouthwatering, most importantly, the seafood is fresh. You get less crowd and better service than most of the Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. I love their dessert of caramelized fried banana and ice cream. The ambience of the restaurant is perfectly fine too.

Price : $$
Address : 14-16 Queensway, Paddington, London W2 3RX

Roti King

Have you ever want to try a Malaysian cuisine but located far away from the country? Well, here’s the one place you can closest to the cuisine. It’s also the place that I’ll opt to when I am home sick. Pretty authentic even the restaurant itself feels like you are in a coffee shop back home. I absolutely love their roti canai and laksa. It really depends on personal preference but for me, this made me less homesick. They have beef, lamb and chicken rendang for you to dip the roti canai. Of course, they do have nasi lemak too.

If you want to skip the long queue, I'll recommend takeaway. You can call to order and collect it after. I waited 2.5 hours on a Saturday and apparently even the weekdays there are queues. 

Price : $
Address : 40 Doric Way, London NW1 1LH


Lastly, favourite dessert in London, Korean bingsu GAZA! I never even not go there after dinner if I am eating dinner in Soho, Chinatown or Oxford Circus. I love dessert and I believe we have another stomach space for dessert. My favorite is definitely the strawberry and mango bingsu. Some say the melon and green tea is good as well. The ice are finely shaved and the fruits are fresh and fermented in sugar solution so it has a nice texture. Depending on the flavor you are getting, the fruits are differently made. Top with the condense milk to perfect the dessert, absolutely great way to end the night with.

Price : $
Address : 47 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4EE 

I would love to do a detailed review on each restaurant. Let me know in the comment below which one would you like me to a full review on it and I’ll make sure to do one! I have a full detail on the food I ordered and how did I like them J Feel free to recommend any other good places and I’ll make my way there to get my tummy all filled up with the food.

Oh before I forget, most of the places do really have long queues and some can't be booked. For Dishoom, you need a party of more than 6 and has to be booked 6-8 weeks in advance. 



  1. I LIVE for London's food scene. Every time I go, I hit up all the best restaurants and effectively bankrupt and fatten myself up impressively quickly.
    I've never heard of any of these places, so I'll have to check them out.

  2. There are so many amazing places to eat in London that it is hard to pick a few. Nonetheless, as an Indian, I entirely standby by Dishoom. My entire family is obsessed about that place. Besides that, I would love to try out Kaza some day when I am there.

  3. Those waffles with fruit and the fruit bowls with ice cream look incredible! London is on our bucket list so I pinned this to have for when we finally get to go someday!

  4. This is quite an interesting post. When I am in a new country i barely think about eating. At the max, we just try the local food. But this is a really fun way of spending time in London. All that food makes me real hungry specially the ice creams at Gaza.

  5. I'm desperate to find a good place to try out Thai food for ages now! I'll defo check out Greyhound's Cafe sometime soon! Thanks for sharing your best food recommendations

    Johnny | Johnny's Traventures

  6. London has such an excellent food scene. But I must say, having spent a lot of time in Malaysia, that I would miss Malaysian cuisine so much if I couldn't get it. I loved the roti recommendation!

  7. AH this post just made me super hungry haha. Barrifana looks like it's right out of Alentejo, Portugal with the seafood and tapas - so interested and so delicious haha. I also love going for Indian food in London, and Roti King is the best!!! Malaysian curry is a personal fave ;).

  8. London's always been on my bucketlist and your post somehow made me hungry! The Old Dutch pancakes looks very dreamy as well! Food is definitely one of the reasons I love visiting foreign countries!

  9. Nice list of places to eat in London. Barrafina is one of my favourite restaurants in London as well. The plates are small but being tapas, they'd probably be OK with you ordering another one if you weren't full.

  10. oh my... those waffles look amazing. What a great list. So many to choose from.

  11. I wish I read this before my trip to London! We spent many precious hours looking for good restaurants! Having had this info would have made the whole experience much more enjoyable!

  12. As a London resident myself I am a little embarrassed to say I haven't tried any of these places! Will have to put that right in the new year. I think Dozo Sushi will be the first on our list as we LOVE Japanese food.

  13. Ahhhaaaa!!! Your post makes me mouthwatering and your post is great too. All dishes are fabulous.


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