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USA Traventures : Things to do in Washington DC

9th - 11th May 2018

After spending 5 days in NYC, we finally finished our 3 days of intense course for university, it's full time travelling time! We took an overnight bus from NYC to Washington. Our bus ticket was a steal. We only paid $6 for the trip but it was an midnight bus of course. We took megabus and I gotta say I slept pretty well in the bus. The seat was pretty comfortable. 

We were going to spend 2 full days in Washington before heading off to Boston. We stayed Hostel International and the hostel is really clean especially the bathroom. It was a first time for me staying in a hostel and I am glad to say that it was good. I wasn't use to sharing room with strangers but my boyfriend insisted that I had to try an experience like this. My roomies were pretty cool, clean and friendly. Washington has a lot of famous museum sites and if you are all into knowing more about history and all, this is a place you will definitely enjoyed.

If you are Museum person, be prepared to spend more days in Washington as you will need time to visit all the museum. We decided to skip the museum this time round and just explore the city and all the famous landmark. The next time we probably would make a visit to the National Art Gallery, Air and Space Museum and Smithsonian Museum. 

For us, we decided to explore the city and spend more of the time walking everywhere. The transportation in Washington is pretty cheap and the bus were about $1 if you take the Washington DC Circulator. Here's what we did in Washington....

The White House

The first stop.....the White House. I've always wanted to visit it as you know it's being portray in a lot of movies. Not to mention, the official residence and workplace of the President of the USA. A bit about the White House :

  • George Washington, the first president selected the site for the White House
  • It was set on fire in 1814 and rebuilt again after.
  • 132 rooms, 25 bathroom and 6 levels in the Residence
  • Kitchen - serve dinner to as many as 140 guest 
  • 570 gallons of paint to cover its outside surface

The Washington Monument

555-foot white shaft, an iconic symbol of Washington. The base of the monument is surrounded by 50 American flag and this obelisk was built to honor the nation's first president. It was also the tallest building in the world in 1884.
Taken from the World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial

A memorial which is dedicated to all the Americans who served in the World War II. It consists of 56 pillars which a country each written on it and a pair of triumphal arches that surrounds the fountain. This is on the end of Reflecting Pool, right in between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. We were heading over to the Lincoln Memorial and hence, we decided to visit the memorial first. 

Lincoln Memorial

After visiting World War II memorial, we decided to stroll down over to the reflecting pool and head over to the Lincoln Memorial. This was my second most excited visit after the White House. I know about this monument from the movie Night at the Museum, where the Lincoln statue came to life. The memorial symbolise the hearts of the people whom Abraham Lincoln saved the Union. 

As you walk closer to towards the memorial, you realise how majestic it is. If you are looking to get a good photo of you and the monument, this memorial is the perfect place. And during sunset, you'll get an amazing photo.

Albert Einstein Memorial

We stumble upon a 3x life size and 7,000 pound bronze figure, Albert Einstein after visiting the memorial. This is also directly across the Vietnam Memorial. There was a school group tour, probably giving information about his history and all his famous work. Since I can't get a photo with the real person, why not the 3x life statue. 

National Mall

The long extended National Mall has all the important landmark and tourist attraction points. It was a good walk on a sunny day, with the green grass. It was a good day to take a stroll on this area. We heading to the domed US Capitol. Right along this green green grass, there's the Hirshorn Museum, Air Space Museum, Smithsonian National Museum and right at the other end is US Capitol and Botanic Garden. 

United States Capitol

Home to the US congress and seat of legislative branch of the US federal government, the US Capitol. Looking so majestic over the eastern end of the National Mall. Built in a neo classical style with a white exterior, the US Capitol is open to the public as long as you book a tour from this website

Beautiful view that you'll get across the lake from the National Mall of the US Capitol. To learn more about the building, you definitely have to get on a tour. We didn't manage to visit as we wanted to do a same day booking but it wasn't possible. :( 


A charming town which you do your shopping, grab food, watch a movie, stroll along the canal and Potomac River. I felt like we have been doing so much sightseeing on the famous landmarks, we needed some quiet, peaceful and chill time in a small town. Look up on Google, Georgetown came up and that's where we were headed too. The town had a really classic design architecture, something really different from the city modern high rise building. A different view, a different feel. 

Checked the weather in Boston, realise that the weather will be 11 degrees low. I clearly didn't bring any jackets or long sleeve clothing so I decided to do a little bit of shopping around the area. Took a stroll down Potomac River and spend the evening there. 

Definitely had to get my Milkbar cravings check! Got my milkbar when we got back to the city and had a good thai dinner. Felt like we ended our Washington on a chill note which was pretty good. I definitely enjoyed this city. It might not have been as busy as NY but each of these city have its own unique points to offer for sure! And that's what we did in Washington 

Follow on to my adventure in New York and Boston (coming up) post if you interested to read more! 



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