Friday, October 26, 2012

An Excuse To Not Study

You read the title :P I am simply blogging because i don't want to study. Somehow , i am scared of final but my butt don't want to move away from the computer. The reason why i do not want to touch the computer. 

Well, i just finished watching Vampire Diaries and today episode finally satisfy me. The first two episode was rather cranky and boring but today episode , The Rager have actually remind me back why i love Vampire Diaries so much beside the fact Damon is inside. Now that Elena have become a vampire, she is on fire all the time. She wants to kill Rebecca and even hurt Matt unintentionally. Lucky Damon and Stefan was there to stop her from making a mistake! If only i had both of them by my side too, i might be able to avoid trouble, falling down , losing my stuff etc etc. Yes, I am that clumsy and careless. Anyhow, i miss the sweet girl , Elena. Not only that, this episode have actually made the whole story so much more complicated. 

Damon who decided to leave Mystic Fall after killing the vampire hunter decided to stay to look after Elena. What change his mind?

Klaus coming back to Mystic Fall to save his hybrid Tyler, now that Elena is a vampire and he can't get any more blood out of her. Would he be back for Caroline?

The vampire hunter who Damon thought was dead actually save by Klaus for a reason , WHYYYY????

Stefan still always loving Elena trying to save her from misery in her transition.

Elena who was injected with werewolves venom, dream of Damon few times when she was with Stefan.So yeah, who she love?Damon? Stefan? 

Tyler and Caroline, things are going to get pretty mess up after this i guess. It seem Tyler cheated on her! OH NOOOO. i dont want them to break up T.T  

Jeremy , a potential vampire hunter?? Another big story coming up.

Rebecca and April best friends??

So many questions to be answered and it seem only 6 episode will shown this year and the rest would have to wait till next year January! WHY? WHY AMERICA? WHY DO THIS TO ME? ME NO WANT WINTER BREAK!

I pretty much blog about Vampire Diaries, feeling childish but who cares ? 

Stefan, Elena,Damon forever complicated love triangle
My Damon forever so cool! <3 

Signing off now to do my study, enough vampire diaries, enough slacking. =D


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