Saturday, November 17, 2012

Enjoyable day indeed

Yesterday's food adventure was just awesome! Sadly , I did not take any photo of the food because it was a pasar malam which was so pack! And I was too busy eating of course. Anyhow, our whole timetable was ruin by LUKE because he had to shyt and stupid fello still can eat lunch! Because of him needing to shyt , i had to pay more expensive for MCD cause it was pass 3pm and whose fault? Yes, it's Luke again. He make Leon waited there one and the half hour. Thank god Leon wasn't so mad. So we only reach Setia Alam City Mall about 3.30 pm or later. 

We decided to go play bowling after eating because that was the only thing we can do there besides movie since it was quite late already. Stupid bowling make me piss. As usual i was the last among all of them but partly cause the ball played me badly. I was pretty sure it was a strike and just right before it would hit the pins , it just curve and move away, MASUK LONGKANG! WTH! It was damn unfair. 

Then, I found my new camwhore partner , LEON YAP LI YANG. The big guy who i named FATSO. And Fatso was almost the champion for bowling today but Luke won.
First Camwhore picture with seh fatso Not bad , turn out to be nice.
So yeng le Leon, but somehow i look damn weird. Aiya, must be the fats on the face. 

Leon ah Leon, the person who use to annoy me so much because he always steals my food which is so damn not good. He steals my keropok lepok, my drinks, sweets and most importantly my MARSHMALLOW! HOW CAN YOU DO THAT?!?! but he is also the one who enjoy food with me. Despite the time he complains about me being fat, he is actually pretty nice. My nickname from him 'fatty'. I have to admit i was pretty mad at u certain times especially the one time u left me in Subang but now i am cool with it. I am sooo looking forward to our Penang trip with new camwhore photos and the food adventure. Need change style already. I bet you will never forget me due to the good memories i have given you especially the one with the durian puff. You actually even dreamt of me in the middle of the night ( i hope that is not a lie). I have to apologize for all the time i ditch you for lunch and not to forget this 'fatty' or 'noob' you called beat you in pool. Since you will be leaving soon like me, i hope we can spend more time together , continue fighting and eating! Good luck for your exam alright! although its easy, don't over confident ! 

Another Sampat Action done today =D

It's not everyday I do this but somehow i was caught in action. Well, that's not the truth because i agreed for the photo to be taken by Kai Chang. Come on, don't I look like some korean popstar ? So fair ! That is what i told them all and their reaction was *shake head* forever syok sendiri. I was joking but somehow i just love this photo. 

We then went to tong pak fu to eat and take more photos. All we did was eat. Spend so much today especially i was paying all my debts to Heng Sheng and Wei Jie. Luke consider my debt to be bad debt so i did not have to pay. So sweet of him. Anyway , here are some photos taken during makan time. 

After all of this , we headed to the pasar malam to eat again. Somehow it was quite disappointing because it was quite short. I need more food but the food there was great, potato ball ,sausage, pan mee and the baked bird egg! So many but i am so lazy to list it out. It was super hot and Leon sweating like buffalo. In fact, everyone was. I am kinda lazy to write more because it's almost 2am and this girl need to sleep. 

In conclusion , it was just great and awesome to finally get to hang out with you guys after so long of torture and burden of exam. Love you guys so much! 
Bujiku a.k.a heng sheng , as usual never change at all. Still sama skinny, still sama call me fat and still n o speak english! I still remember our never ending badminton match! We have to continue on and see who is the winner. As usual i get the headstart and more privilege!
Anyway, Jon jon so handsome spike his hair !! But now so thin already but it's my job to make him fat and i will do it well! =D

Signing off,
Goodnight world <3


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