Monday, March 18, 2013

~ 2013 ~

Well, another year has pass and I am now in University of Melbourne studying Commerce. So I actually manage to get into the university. It's so weird now that I am away from my family and friends back in Malaysia. To be honest, I seriously miss them so much and thinking of them would make me cry. This does not actually meean I don't like it here in Melbourne but its just the homesick feeling that is killing me. Melbourne is actually a nice place, the people here are nice and the system are really good.

If i am walking on a road in Malaysia , I would be worry all the way but not in Melbourne. There are people everywhere and yeah not to mention, so many asian here so I am not surrounded by the locals here. It just more safe around here but still, there are crimes everywhere. Anyhow the people here are really nice! I met lots of friends here from different countries but most of them from Malaysia. Well, the people I met are really awesome. They are funny, nice, helpful and just simply awesome. So far I've been really close to two pretty girls and they are Fion and Rebecca. We hang out once or twice and now we are good friends.

Fion (left) and Rebecca (right)
Pretty and sweet aren't they?

Fion is known to be the naughty girl and also a Jang Geuk Suk fan. Well, that's how we knew each other. I saw her lock screen to be him and i was like wow.. this girl likes him too. So, I just approach her and ask her about it and look where we are now, good friends. I know she been such a happy girl with the kiss on her cheek from Dave Days. She say she is naughty but she is actually nice and sweet. Even dedicated a post for me on my birthday! Once again , Thank You!

Rebecca is the girl that has been in the same college as me for 10 whole months and i only know her this year. I was afraid we wouldnt get along but surprising we did. In fact, i learn so many things from her. I have to say if it wasn't for her, I would have be in the lost and found section waiting for my cousin to come pick me up. and yes, i am terrible at direction. She loves shopping and she got beautiful dresses. She loves car and tells me all the time about the car on the road. I am sorry that i can't respond to those because i cant even tell the difference between Camry and Vios. Thank you for the lovely birthday present, the lipbum!

Both of this girls are just good friends and i hope we would get closer as time pass. Definately would wanna know more about the both of you.

Not to forget my best friends , Xiao Ning and Michelle. I am missing them hell alot. The times we laugh together and do crazy things. I miss all of it. I can't wait to reunite with you guys soon! I wanna go for dessert marathon and stalking facebook to car trip everywhere around Klang! Thanks for the photo album and the birthday present! I super love it! Thank you to dear Wei Jie and Jonathan too! All the way from Malaysia , you guys really rock! I feel so lucky to have you guys as my close friends. I really miss sitting the car because in here everywhere you wanna go you have to walk not like what i do in Malaysia. Wei Jie fetch me around as long as he is free! and Jonathan, the guy who never fail to make me laugh! and yeah, Nicole Tan, the girl who hits my butt all the time and always giving me advices. where can you get good friends like them who are always there for you whenever you need them!Not to forget, bujiku , the guy who never takes my money after how much i borrow from him. well, he is also my accounting sifu up till now. Never speaks English only pure Mandarin! Argh..


Le Best friend Lim Xiao Ning, the girl who I can just keep talking forever.

Our couple shirt, Michelle on the left is the girl who does crazy stuff with me and everytime we do it, Xiao Ning would just laugh at us. She is always the more mature girl among us. With her around, things can never go wrong.
<3 <3 I miss you guys just so much!! <3 <3
Not to forget, my family came to visit me to celebrate my 19th birthday with me! Sadly, they went back yesterday. The time we had together pass so fast but i had the best times of my life here with you guys! My birthday celebration just made me feel back in Malaysia with all the family member celebrating for me!

I am already missing my parents and my brothers now! I dont like this feeling. But even so, I am happy that I am able to spend time with them for the few days. I keep telling myself I will be meeting them soon. July , I am coming back. Just wait. Thank you daddy and mummy for coming here and help me set up my apartment again! Thank you for bringing my pig rabbit too.

Me and my two brothers! My youngest brother is always my camwhore partner. Up till now!

He is the one who keeps me entertain all the time. Even when i am eating lunch alone he will be there to accompany me in Malaysia. He can be so noisy at times but now I really miss him so much because my apartment is always so quiet.

To sum up the whole post, my life is just going well. Now i am going to sign off and get back to my homework =D


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  1. I shall go to ur house to play with ur pig rabbit someday!


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