Saturday, March 30, 2013

How life has been

Holiday. The first thing that made me so happy this year. I had to admit I look really stupid after class on Thursday. The moment I finish class, I walk back home smiling so wide to the extend I did not bother what people actually think of me. Well, I have to admit this is the first time i felt so happy having holiday because I am finally free from lectures, tutorial, test and assignment. And yes, it's only week 4 but i am thrown with all of these already. I guess that's it's true when they say university life is tough. At the same time, people did mention to make sure we enjoy it too. That night after class, I went out with Rebecca and met up with TJ and his gang. It was a bit awkward at first because I am a bit shy when i am around people i don't know but things went pretty well throughout the night.

We went to Camberwell to eat dinner at a place called Sophia. It was a Italian restaurant and the food was nice. During the dinner, there were so much laughter and fun. I was really grateful that the rest were so friendly and nice. When I meant nice, they are really nice. Anyway, after dinner they took me to the bar and yeah it was the first time I actually been into a bar. Well, I did not drink much only a cup. It did not really felt like i was in a bar more like a mamak stall. Hanging out with friends and chit chatting. I went back pretty early compare to the rest and I walk home with Korn. The guy who is the youngest member of the group and to me, he is just like a little brother. To sum up everything, the night went pretty well and it was indeed a night out i needed after so long. I would be looking forward to hang out with these cool people again.

Well, this is how I begin my holiday.

However,  not everything went well that day.

Back to the time where I finish my classes on Thursday. I went back home, switch on my PC and then I saw the news ' Wall Collapse in Swanston Street Killed Two'. Well, I was shocked as it was a famous route for all the student and for me when I walked back to my apartment on that street. The wind blew and the wall collapse. It was said the wind was really strong. This was a tragedy. It then occur to me that I only pass up there the night before and nothing happen. I guess this is life. You may never know what is going to happen to you. The people there were at the wrong place at the wrong time. At that time, I felt sad and pray for the survival who is in the critical condition to be able to make it through. Then, i kept track with the news and I found out one of the victim that pass away was the brother of the survival. He shield for the sister to protect her. It was so touching that it actually make me tear up when I knew it. But now, all we can do is pray for the sister to get through this nightmare and go back to the family.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How I have been spending my first two days of holiday? Basically, I woke up 3pm on Friday. It was indeed a Good Friday for me for sleeping in so much. I felt guilty as i wasted half a day but I manage to gain all the sleep i need. I went dinner at Ying Thai with my cousins and aunty who came for a visit. For the Easter break, my cousins flew back to Malaysia. How I wish I could do so too? I wanna be back home with my parents, having movie night, meals together and car trips. I miss home so much!Hmm..  =((((

Lucky I had a few other cousins here or it would be worse They invited me for board games after dinner. So i went over to play up to 1 am in the morning before I got home. It was indeed an interesting game but I was glad i did not end up last at all last night. Having to be around with my cousins make me feel much more better because I still had family here. Lot of laughter we had Eventhough it was only a short while but it was indeed enjoyable.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today was just more of walking walking walking walking and exploring Melbourne. Walk all the way to Collins Street. Saw cool Graffiti and historical buildings! And found places I can take my parents to when they are here the next time. I am pretty sure they would like it. The breakfast in the cafe especially. I am so lazy to upload the photos and continue typing more. I thinks its quite a long post already but before I end this post, there is something I would want to express out.

Wayy back last week, when i was actually feeling a bit off after watching Vampire Diaries. It was the first time I had this mix emotion which gotten me so annoyed and everything came rushing to me that I want to shout out so loud to release everything that has been stuffed inside me. Watching how Elena turn off her feeling got me thinking what is it like to not feel anything? not to care about anything? do things I want so much? not worrying about what other ppl feel? It may seem cool and nice but at the end of the day, I felt pathetic. It was stupid. As much as I would like to flip the switch, it make me realise that I was only running away from problems. It eventually comes back after some time.

So basically I summarize everything because I dont want it to be too lengthy. That's all from me. Sucky title cause I dont know what to put for it.


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