Friday, October 18, 2013

Vampire Diaries -- Orginal Sin

I haven't been blogging for awhile.Today, I just feel there is a need to do so. Why?

Written all over the title of today's blog post. Just watched the latest episode of Vampire Diaries. So much comment about it! I guess it's good and bad but I just need to let it out. Yes, I am kind of a big Vampire Diaries fan and TEAM DELENA. Hehehe. My votes are on Damon and Elena. However, even I am on Damon side, I feel really sad for Stefan. So far, from season 1up to season 5, I think his character actually suffer the most. The only season that he was having a good time was like season 1 and that season too he lost his best friend, Lexi. *lifesuckstoloseyourbestfriend*
Okay, back to my topic which is today's episode of Season 5 (episode 3) named Original Sin. I have to say today's episode did really caught me off guard. I really did not expect all the shocking news. 

Firstly, today's episode introduced Sila's ex-girlfriend Ketsia (OLDEST AND MOST POWERFUL) who took the opportunity to come back to life after Bonnie drop the veil. She gave her side of story to Stefan where she was played by Sila's to create the immortality spell and then given to Sila's true love. It seems Amara who was Sila's one true love was actually the original 'Elena Gilber/Katherine Pierce'.


Ketsia, the ex-girlfriend

We were all wondering how many more doppelganger are there going to be after it was reveal Stefan was a doppelganger. Based on what I saw today, I guess the good thing we probably wouldn't be hearing of anymore doppelganger. Since it's just Stefan and Elena or the orignal Silas and Amara. 

So, it seem there was many version of them based on what Ketsia say for the past 2000 years. This is the part where it was so heartbreaking for me. She said that Silas and Amara love legend (which is what i would called) is destined. Damon would never will be with Elena and it will always be Stefan and Elena. =((((

To be honest, I actually knew it would happen and hope it would not happen (so soon at least) =( There was this part where Ketsia actually told Damon to just leave Stefan so he could always be with Elena. Part of me wanted him to take the deal but I did not want him to leave Stefan alone. I have this feeling since Ketsia can't have Silas, she probably want Stefan. After all, Stefan is like one trillion or just infinity time better than Silas.  

I like the part how Sila lost his power to control people mind. Like what people always say 'Anything good usually come with a price'. Well, the price for this was Stefan memory. He now has no idea who Elena and Damon is when he woke up. =( I guess we will now come back to the love triangle again despite Elena choice. Kinda feel like the love triangle was always there. Stefan has a sad life =(

My only favourite part of this episode was how Elena and Damon react to the destiny thing that was said. Elena convince Damon Ketsia was just being crazy. I like what Damon said to Elena 'You are my life' Hurrayyyy! I am a happy girl. Infinite points for Damon. 

Loving this picture. =) 

Besides that, another moment I finally felt Katherine was a bit human was where she thank Elena for not killing her and all. Don't know whether I should be trusting her words but yeah, she is with Nadia, the traveller. Up till now, i kinda not know what the traveller are for. And up till now, nobody know Bonnie is dead yet. I can't imagine what would happen to Elena if she knew. It just like Stefan losing Lexi.

Well, A BIT SPOILER ALERT for next week episode. It's going to be teary from what i read on the internet. That's all for my thoughts of today's episode.

Probably would be hearing from me soon for next week episode.


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