Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Movenpick :)

Just a short post while waiting for my laundry to be done. Just an additional information about me, I am a big fan of desserts. Just love sweet stuff. So, yesterday I went over to QV in the city to help a friend to send her printer to be serviced. Then, we decided to have dessert over the new dessert stall that had just opened few weeks ago. It's called 'Movenpick'.

It's an ice cream stall which has really nice deco. I like how it is so modern and simple. Simple and nice. Have to say, I was a little crazy to get ice cream despite the cold weather plus the rain. However, I was craving for waffle and ice cream so I decided to just try out the stall with Lilian and Wu Ping. I like how they allowed us to try. I wanted to try all the flavor but was kind of shy to do so. So, I only manage to tried the Panna Cotta and Blackcurrant and Cream flavor. It's my first time tasting a panna cotta flavour ice cream and it was really nice. The Blackcurrant and Cream ice cream was sweet which is the reason I like it. It's nice but for those who do not fancy sweet stuff, probably would not enjoy it. 

So, after my friends tasted the flavor we decided to get the waffle with maple syrup and ice cream of our choice which was the Blackcurrant and Cream + the tiramisu. Kind of a weird combination but worth it to try. It was $12.95. Well, comparing to Malaysia, it's definitely is pricy but I just needa try it. So here's the photo of it. 

Overall, I enjoy it. The thing I love most about the ice cream is the texture. I love how it is not too hard and not too soft. It's just perfect. The waffle was top with nuts and strawberry and I find the nuts really nice. The waffle was an average just like other waffle. I prefer the Max Brenner's waffle over this shop but the ice cream definitely beat Max Brenner after all it's specialize in ice cream. Not to forget, the tiramisu was good! Wu Ping and Lilian really enjoy it a lot. The ice cream was mix with a bit of the tiramisu cakes which was reallyyyy good. 
Lilian (left) and me (right) Kinda look like I was scare but i wasn't. Just not sure why my expression was like that. =)

I will probably go try out more flavors of the ice cream soon. Probably after my finals. Right now, I gotta stop procrastinating, stop craving for good food and study. So, that's pretty much a short post of mine today and gotta go get my clothes from the dryer now. =)


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