Friday, November 15, 2013

How I Spend My First Day Of Freedom =)

Just finish my finals yesterday which also meant it's officially the last day of my first year in university. After my paper, I went out with Rebecca and her family for lunch. We then headed to Docklands for some shopping. Well, I got myself one or two things but I was just exhausted. BUT ANYWAY, HEY GOT MY FREEDOM FINALLY! Usually people would be so hype up to just do anything like going straight for a themepark or just something fun. I kinda went home after that to sleep. I slept all the way till today at 2pm when my dad called me to ask how was things.

After I woke up, I was hesitating whether to go to DFO for shopping but it was late so I stayed home. Sound pretty boring, I know. So i watch Vampire Diaries latest episode before taking a shower and going to the city. Then, I met up with Wu Ping and Lillian for dinner at Joomak. I love the food there so I brought them to try. Lillian really like it but Wu Ping said it was not bad, quite nice. I guess different people have different taste. We order three dishes since it was just three of us and I was really full. Here's some photo of the food but its a bit dark due to the lightning.

Corn With Cheese. Totally love it. The corn and cheese blend really well. I could eat the whole plate up just by myself.
It's sweet and cheesy just the way it is suppose to be. 

Pan Fried Pork. My second favorite dish.
The Meat was tender and the I love the sauce. It was sweet and just perfect when eaten with the pork.

. Cheese Egg Role with Fish Roe. 
This was something new. It wasn't too sweet but it was still nice. Both of my friends said it was good. We were deciding this with the seafood pancake but we end but choosing this and Wu Ping wanted to order it after that but I was just too full.

Well, that is pretty much what we had but I am looking forward for my next visit there. So after dinner we went for a movie. Yes we watch Thor : The Dark World. It was really good! I don't mind watching it again. The 16 dollar were worth it after all. So many twist and it was really funny. I have to say this show got me liking Loki except for the last part. Not gonna have any spoiler here but it was really good. IT'S A MUST WATCH! 
 We got a photo with Thor and Loki (sort of)! Me and Lillian =)
Got a hold of Thor Hammer! We wanted to get the drink cup shape of a hammer but we din want the popcorn and it only come in a set so we didn't it but got the photo instead. 

Still have to say, the movie was awesome and i already can't wait for the 3rd movie. I hope it gets film as soon as possible. =)

Wu Ping was feeling hungry so we end up going Paparich for supper. I did not get anything heavy but just dessert. It was Mango Pudding with Sago. So small but cost me $5.90. Super expensive and it was just average for me. Still, I got a photo of it. Getting to use of taking photo for every food that I eat.

We headed home after that to help Lillian pack her stuff. And here I am, blogging now at 4am in the morning. Looking forward to tomorrow somehow =) 

Anyway, haven been camwhoring for awhile but here's a few photo because i felt like doing it today =)

That's all. Signing off to bed =) nightsss

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