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Holiday Trip to Macau :)

Finally back to blogging after three weeks back home in Malaysia. I was too busy to be able to blog because I was catching up with friends the first week. Sadly, I was sick on the second week and then I left for holiday to Macau with my family the third week. 

So what's going to be today's blog about? I have so many things to write about but I don't know which so I shall just start with my holiday in Macau with parents and their friends without my two little brother. Before I forget, I had a hair cut and cut bangs. I regret it so much at first but I sort of got use to it after awhile. Well, gotta a self shot with the new hair cut. =)

It was really annoying that my planes got delayed that day so we reach there slightly later. Instead of following our plan to eat at another restaurant, we ended up having dinner at the hotel's food court. It wasn't very bad but because I was still sick so my taste bud was still a bit haywire. After dinner, we decided to walk around in Venetian, my favorite hotel in Macau. I always loved how they decorated it like Venice and I actually went there in 2010 because of the drama 'Boys Over Flower'. They actually film it there in Venetian so I asked my dad if we could stay there and he agreed to it. It was only later then I told him I insisted on Venetian because of the drama and he was hmmm.. well.. speechless. I guess I am really weird.

Anyway, here's few photo of the hotel.
The night view of The Venetian Hotel.It's just so beautiful!

The shopping mall in the hotel which they designed following a Venice atmosphere.

Had to get a photo in this atmosphere. Since I am not in Venice, why not enjoy the experience of being in an atmosphere similar to one?
Love how they decorate the display. Pink and Nice. Just one of the display I love most compare to all the other shops.
Since Christmas was just around the corner, the hotel had a pretty and big Christmas tree right in the middle with beautiful lights. Totally love the hotel decoration! =)
Since all the shops were already closing so we decided to head back to clean up and get a good rest. Well, I have to say my first day weren't very productive since we reach there really late. The next day, I had the breakfast buffet in the morning with my family and it was breakfast paradise. So many choices, they had a range of food to choose from and the deco was really nice so i decided to take a few shots of it. The restaurant name actually says it all, 'The Feast', it was indeed a feast! Since each room had two complimentary breakfast, and we had 2 rooms with 5 people so my dad had to pay for mine. It cost me about MOP196 but it was totally worth it =) A few shots of the breakfast buffet just as below.

That's me and my huge breakfast. That was only my first round! HAHA
After breakfast, we headed to Senado Square, the famous place for shopping. It's my third time there this time. Forget to mention, I have visited Macau a few times because my mum loves to shop there and from there we can get to Hong Kong. However, this time I did not get anything besides a Big Bang top which was a long sleeve. Sort of dissapointing for shopping but I got to eat the famous egg tart from the famous store 'Margaret'. I would definitely advise everyone who visits Macau to go there and have the egg tarts. It's really good. The tart crust is crispy inside out and it has a good fill unlike other places whose filling is so little. It wasn't too sweet but PERFECT! Totally love it!
The Long Line just for the egg tart at the Cafe
The Famous Margaret Cafe d Nata located at Edificio Kam Loi, just behind Lisboa Hotel.
Greedy daddy grab a bite on the egg tart before I could take a photo of it =)
Close up look =)
The only thing about this cafe is that the service is bad because the lady boss is a fierce lady. Her husband shop on the other hand was called Lord Stow bakery and one of the shops were located in Venetian. The husband and wife were actually divorce which makes perfect explanation why each has their own shops. I had a taste of her husband tarts and it's good too but I still prefer Margaret's tart.

Another tourist attraction at Senado Square would the Ruins St Paul and I never fail to not take a photo whenever I am there. It is one of the famous landmark of Macau and all tourist would definitely visit there. Other than that, they do have another church nearby called the St. Lawrence Churh which I find it really pretty. I went in once and it was beautiful somehow this time it was closed and not available to be visited.
I look awfully fat in this photo but hey, it's the Ruins of St Paul 
People usually say there is usually not much to do in Macau but besides the landmarks and the Senado Square, the hotels here have really nice building structure and each of them have a short shows. For example, there would be the big diamond appearing up from the fountain in the Galaxy Hotel. Here's a photo of mini Galaxy Hotel. Beautiful isnt it?

Manage to get photos with the beautiful people who dressed up and also the Latin dancer who was performing in the hotel. 

We then had dinner at my dad's friend favorite restaurant to end my second day at Macau. Well, the next day, my mum and her friends went to China but i didn't because I did not get my China visa done so I stayed in Macau and went to the Ice Age Dreamworks to see the Ice Sculptures of the dreamworks cartoons such as the Kung Fu Panda, Shreks and also How to Train Your Dragon. This was located in Venetian and only available but to 15 March so I was lucky to be able to see it. However, it was -8 degree celcius in the place to preventing the ice from melting. Since I went alone, I had to keep asking people to help me get photos but anyway i did enjoy looking at the ice sculptures. 

The ice slide which i actually slide from it and my butt felt really cold and wet. But it was really fun. Would be better with friends around!The ice sculpture look really real don't they?

Got a magnetic photo frame as a little souvenir for myself in the gift shop. Can then be added to my fridge collection of magnets then. We headed for dinner at night to a steamboat place near the Border Gates and I super love the crab there. The meat was sweet and soft. It wasn't like other crabs which meat sometimes is too hard. This was just amazingly delicious. Well, my chinese isnt very good so I don't know what is it called but the I took a photo of the restaurant so that my next trip I would go back there again for dinner. 

The huge crab which taste amazingly delicious after cooked with their soup! 

 The few seafood photo that I manage to take because after that I was too busy eating the crab I did not have a clean hand to touch my phone. We also had cuttlefish and their signature fishball. There was also fried rice. Anyway, those taste really good too. Definitely a recommendation to go there for dinner if you visit Macau. However, the food was really pricy.
I guess this restaurant is that good to even receive customer who are Hong Kong actor and actresses. Proven that the food is really good and I would definitely go again especially for the crab!

After that, we took a walk around the city to see the night scenery of the hotels. Since all hotels has their very own structure, it was really interesting to get to see each building and their special decorations.


The decoration was really nice with the red which made the place look extra merry. Love the chandelier especially.

Next up, Wynn Hotel  but i did not manage to go in to have a look but the building itself was already beautiful.

Now, the Grand Lisboa Hotel, one of the first casino in Macau.

Some of the photos aren't that clear due to my phone camera. I guess I gotta add a new camera to my wishlist already to be able to capture more beautiful photos.

Lastly, one amazing show that you must go and see is the House of Dancing Water. It's an amazing and spectacular performance. It was soooo good. Although the price of the ticket is expensive but trust me, it definitely worth the price and this show is only in City of Dream. Another show is the Dragon Treasure in The Bubble. Both of this performance are really good performance but I would definitely say the House of Dancing Water is a MUST watch when you are in Macau! Just a few photos from the performance.

Panaroma of Venetian Hotel and the City of Dreams hotel.

Well, I guess that's all I would blog about today. Would be blogging about my trip to Hong Kong soon but this blog post is already really long and I am going get back to reading my storybook of City of Bones soon! Besides that, have to mention that the latest episode of Vampire Diaries Fifty Shades of Grayson was really sad as Damon sort of broke up with Elena. Haih.. Gonna wait till next year as it is in the winter break. I am only left with Nikita now.

That's all for now.

Signing off............... =)

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  1. Even though your flight departure is delayed, don't you still enjoy your vacation in Macau? hahahahaha Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge about holidays.


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