Monday, December 16, 2013

King's Cuisine & Shopping in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

To continue on with my trip to Hong Kong, it was just a one day trip which I would say it wasn't enough. We barely had time to do anything. We took a ferry from the Macau Ferry Terminal and stop at Sheung Wan. We then headed to Causeway Bay this time. The last time two times I was here I was mostly around Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui.

So, why not try somewhere else this time? One of the main reason I wanted to come Hong Kong so badly was because the store Hui Lau Shan. They do have the shop in KL but the problem with it was it did not taste the same as Hong Kong. I still remember I use to ordered the drink Mango and Strawberry Smoothie with Crystal Jelly. It was so good that I could drink two at once. When I saw the shop, I have to say I was really excited so we headed there straight to make our order. The menus were different now. There was no Mango and Strawberry combination =( I was so dissapointed so I tried something else. I ask for the Mango with Crystal Jelly but somehow the lady took the wrong order and gave me Mango Smoothie with Glutinous Riceball. I did not want to make a fuss out of it so I decided to take what I was given to keep things simple. At first, it taste alright but after awhile I got really sick of the tiny glutinous riceball.

My Mango Smoothie with Glutinous Riceball
There was coconut milk in the drink too which was why I did not really enjoy it because the taste did actually match with the mango.
To sum it up, I was quite disappointed but I managed to get the Mango Muachi. It still taste really good as the mango filling really goes with the Muachi. Would have gotten more and dapao back if I had the chance. I am pretty sure the other drinks on the menu would taste better because my mum and her friend's drink was nice.
Mango Muachi

For lunch, my dad wanted to eat Hong Kong dim sum so we meet a random place and it was delicious. After that, we headed for shopping and I found Forever 21. It was a 6 floor boutique. Each floor was the size of a forever 21 in Midvalley. It was winter there so the clothes were mostly winter clothing. I love forever 21 dresses but there was very little variety. I managed to get two for rm40 each. I have to say, the forever 21 in Hong Kong is much cheaper than Malaysia. Since we only had two hours there because mum wanted to see other places as well, so i did not managed to shop on all 6 floors. I definitely would go there again. Super cheap. I got like a jacket, blazer, a high heels, top and 2 dresses for only rm470. How is it even possible to get that many piece of clothing in Malaysia with that price in forever 21?!?!

Later on, we headed to the shopping complex named Lee Garden to have a look. It is known to be one of the best luxury shopping destination located in the heart of Causeway Bay. I loved the decoration where they had very special design dresses.
It was really pretty and creative the designs and i really like the flowery on the right!
Tadaaaa.. Pretty isn't it? 

Just realize my photo was blur and I took once. Hmm.. Anyway the dresses are still so pretty and unique.

We then went to Sogo to shop and according to my dad it was really different from the Sogo in Malaysia. The Sogo in Hong Kong was much higher end just like pavillion but it was really crowded.

They do have the Fashion Walk there and mini boutique around. After having a walk around all those places, we decide to eat dinner at the restaurant my dad found.

King's Cuisine
6/F, Windsor House, 
311 Gloucester Road Causeway Bay

It was located in a shopping complex but I can't what was the name. Too many shopping complex around. Here are the few dishes we had there.
Scallop Tofu Soup
It tasted really good. There was a lot of flavor in that bowl of soup.
I had two bowls myself  and wanted more of it. 
 Roasted Pigeon
Usually, this dish would either be overcook or the skin would not be crispy. However, the skin was really crispy and the pigeon was roasted really well as it the meat was tender. 
 Sea Cucumber with Broccoli (not sure what's this dish is called)
The Borcolli was my favourite for this dish. Somehow, the sauce of the dish seep into the broccoli adding a lot of flavor to the broccoli. I did not eat the sea cucumber because I always find it a bit weird but my mum said it was nice.

Seafood Noodles with Vegetables
Totally in loved with this dish too. Not only it was seafood but for a person who doesn't eat vegetables, I ate a lot of it.The dish was just delicious. Superb delicious. The prawn was so fresh and crunchy. It was just amazingly delicious.

Dad was really happy with the food and service by the guy who took our order and decided to gave him tips. He insist on not taking it but my dad told him just a token of appreciation for his good service. Definitely would be coming back here again. I am already missing the food there now.

We headed back to Macau after a little more shopping and I was exhausted. Would come back there soon to finish my shopping at forever 21! haha =)

That's all I did in my one day trip there.


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