Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chinese Winter Solstice 冬至

One of my favourite day and festival of the year. Chinese Winter solstice which is also known as  冬至 is where all families get together and making glutinous rice ball also known as 'Tang Yuan'. 

The round shaped of the rice ball symbolizes the togetherness of the families. It's a festive food that is used to celebrate the winter solstice. I remember my mum use to tell me everyone has to eat at least one to represent that you are a year older. There are others who says that you eat the same number of glutinous riceball as your age. Well, I guess different people have different believed about it. For me, it's one my favourite food. Wherever I go I always have the tendency to look for it. My dad use to tease me saying 'people eat one to be older by one year and you eat as many as you like. I think you are actually older than me already from the amount that you are eating.'

Just a bit of addition information. In Taiwan, it is believed that tangyuan have been used as offering and stick at the back of the windows and tables. These tangyuan is said to serve as a protective talisman to keep the evil spirits from coming close to children.

Well, my story is pretty simple. Ever since young when I was old enough to be able to help my mum, I have never miss a year not celebrating this festival. One day before the festival at night, my mum would gather me and my brothers to make the glutinous ball together. We always have lot of fun because as we do we talk and I guess that's why it is known to reunite people. Some years we would have our cousins over and we will do it together. Even though every year we have to do the same thing I never get bored of it especially my mum love to do it in many colours. However, this year we kept it simple to three colours. I spend the whole night making them last night and well here's a few photo to share :) 

Last year's colors. We had blue,orange, green, white and pink. 

This year only three colors but still it was pretty :) well, white and pink are usually the MUST colors because we usually pray to our ancestor with this. Not really sure why but I guess it's a tradition. 

A photo with my face on it. 
I have to say every year at this time, I would be really excited. Simple things like this actually make me happy although it does sound childish. Besides, it's my favourite food as well. 

Well it's not done yet. My mum usually boil it right away. And I like looking at all the riceball popping up and floating on top. It's kinda pretty. 
My favourite is always the one in the hot sweet syrup soup. Ginger soup is said to be nicer but I fancy sweet stuff more so I go for the sweet syrup. We can also eat it with kacang + sugar but this time my throat is still not feeling so well. Don't want to take the risk eating nuts to make it uncomfortable and be sick again. After all, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. 

Ta-daa and we are done for the day. 

Did my prayers early in the morning today in my grandpa and grandma house. Reunion with the cousins! Made me realize how much we all grew up. I still remember how we use to play catching catching, running around the house but i guess we are too old for it already! I like how everyone talk and laughs as a family and it clearly show how reunited everyone is. Looking forward to CNY reunion soon! Which also reminds me to better do my CNY shopping.

Gotta say blogging through the phone is much easier.get to do it anyway and it's handy! Easier to upload the photos too! 

冬至快乐people!! :) I hope everyone enjoy this festival too! 


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