Monday, January 13, 2014

Beauty and The Beast on CW : Should They ReNew or Cancelled?

So the title says it all. Beauty and the beast. Well, this isn't the fairytale of Belle and the beast but this is a Sci-Fi series which was new to CW. It started airing on 2012 and it's halfway through season 2.


I recently came across it so I started watching it. It's not really a fairytale story anymore. It's about a guy name Vincent Keller who enlisted as a soldiers and became an experiment to create super soldiers. This experiment were done by Muirfield. Well, these scientists alter their DNA so they become faster and stronger. Their DNA now consist of cross spesies DNA. These soldiers went out of hand turning to beasts that was hard to be controlled. The experiment were cancelled and all those who was involved was killed. Vincent survived it and went into hiding. 

Even though he was a beast, he used it to his advantage to help people. One of it was to save Catherine Chandler when she was younger. Muirfield killed her mum in front of her but lucky for her Vincent was there to keep her safe. She then become a cop to hunt her mum's killer which she then meet Vincent again 10 years later. She was desperate for answer and started asking Vincent to helped her. Somehow he did not push her away and they ended up falling in love. They started solving crimes together while Muirfield was hunting them both. 

Season 1, it was really romantic. The dance, the rooftop and I love how they are both in action fighting. It's kinda cute in a way. It does get a bit annoying when they repeat lines of how Catherine was always saying 'all I want is to be with you' or 'you have me and that's all you need' sort of stuff. I do love it when they are together cause they are cuddly and sweet. And Catherine is sooooo pretty! 
I do think they really are a good match. Season 1 was good, it's not the type of shows where u get bored of watching. Besides all the lovey dovey things going on, we do get actions and crime to solve. It's hard to get bored of it. The saddest part for me for season 1 was Evan dying to save Catherine. He was a forensic doctor in NYPD who gave Muirfield tips on catching Vincent because he thought he was protecting Catherine. 

I also love how Catherine and Tess were partner and had their conflict. Eventhough Tess was really mad at Catherine hiding so many things from her but because she cared for her, she put her hands into their matter and try to make Cat is safe. So the story wasn't really focus on just her and Vincent.

JT was Vincent best friend and I love his character. His character reminds me of Birkoff in Nikita. The funny character who always makes jokes even in tense situation. 

Season 2 was a change of story. After Vincent was captured, they reprogram him and make him go on mission killing all other beasts. Terminating Muirfield once and for all. Turn out the mastermind behind this was Catherine's birth dad, Bon Reynolds. Vincent Lost his memory and there goes their love story and all their hardwork fighting together. 

I really did not like Tori because she was like the bad influence for Vincent and I blame her for their breakup. Season 2 Vincent was more like the terminator. Scary. There was less about their love story which was sad. 

I still think the story was good. I don't think CW should cancelled it. They cancelled secret circle after season 1. This show survived the first season. I know the ratings dropped badly for season 2. There are rumours that they would be canceling it. Nooooooooo. I don't want it to be cancel cause I love this series. Reasons they should not cancelled it:

1. They actually won this year people's choice award for favourite Sci-Fi /Fantasy TV show. Proven people do watch this shows and don't want it to be cancelled.

2. It has a good storyline and I believe it has the potential to be a hit. 

3. Kristin Kruek and Jay Ryan are actually good in their roles and I love their character in the shows. I think they deserve a chance to proof that they can do better.


Not to mention Kristin Kruek actually beat Nina Dobrez and won Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress. Either way, I love both of their actress and I hope BATB can do as well as The Vampire Diaries. 
Jay Ryan (Vincent Keller) he is good looking and hot. Gotta say he has a nice body indeed :)

Honestly, this is what I think about the show. I really love it and don't want it cancelled. Those of you who haven't watch it can give it a try. :) I definitely hope CW would renew it and do not leave Season 2 hanging.


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