Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Resolution

Happy New Year, People!

Out with the old, In with the New. Welcoming 2014 with open arms (despite the fact I am turning 20), curious to see what's ahead of me and what I am going experience this year. So, usually I don't have much New Year Resolution so I pretty much go through the year just hoping to score good results and living healthy together with friends and family. However, this year I actually have a list of New Year Resolution. It's sad to say that my teenager years are over. The number 2 has taken over 1 which also indicates I would start acting like an adult. Since I did not really achieve much or done much in my teens, I want to make my twenties awesome! =D

Anyway back to my new year resolution :

1. Be more of an outgoing person and starting getting active in social life. I realized last year in university I barely socialize and mostly stayed home. This year, I want it to be different, gotta start meeting more new friends and learn their cultures.

2. Be a better person that will be look up by the society. Have to get rid of all the bad habits and character of mine and start building a better personality.

3. Make sure to get good grades in my second year and maintain them.

4. My English is bad. So, I would really want to improve on that.

5. Do a student exchange program somewhere outside Australia. (my chance of getting to visiting new places, well of course, I will study and enjoy at the same time) Like they say, study hard, play equally hard!

6. Travel to as many places as I can. Fulfilling my dream of travelling around the world.

7. Being a more mature, no more being a childish girl. Time to think and act maturely!

8. Be a better daughter and friends to my friends and family.

9. Improve on my badminton, making sure I know how to smash (I will be relying on Jonathan a lot)

10. Food adventure. Taste as many good food as I can. Warning that I have to make sure to maintain my weight!

11. You Only Live Once (YOLO). Have to get the guts to go for extreme activities such as diving, parasailing, bungee jumping and cliff jumping.

12. Live life to the fullest. Whatever happens, stay positive and always think on the bright side.
'Every cloud has a silver lining' there is always be a good thing even when things go bad.

Hopefully, I would be able to achieve all these because if I do, I am pretty sure I am gonna have an awesome year ahead of me. Looking forward on what's coming! =D

Live wild and free while we are young!

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