Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Burger & Lobster

When I was in London for summer school, my friend introduced me to this restaurant called "Burger and Lobster" in Soho. It was a long wait to get a table even it was only for two person. We waited for about an hour but it was totally worth it. I would say this restaurant is really special because they don't actually have a menu for good but only for cocktails. They only serve 3 dishes which are :- 
  • Lobster Burger
  • Lobster Roll
  • One whole lobster (steam or grilled)
All comes with fries and salad and are at the price of  £20 only! Where can you get a whole lobster for that price? It is definitely a great value. Not just that, I totally love how fresh the lobster was and it was really tasty. I had Steam One Whole Lobster and it was really juicy and sweet despite it just being steam. You would expect it would taste really neutral with no seasoning or anything else since it was just steaming it but it wasn't the was really sweet and delicious. Totally a 10/10 PERFECT. It wasn't overcooked and well done.  

They even gave us a cute bib with a really cute lobster on it but I didn't use it because I felt a bit shy as everyone else didn't. Nevertheless, I still really enjoyed the meal plus the environment in the restaurant was really nice. Even though it had a lot of people, it wasn't too noisy and you could still enjoy your meals comfortably. 
Just me and my one whole lobster =D This was back in June when I was still not so fat and my face was still sharp. Now I have to admit I wan really chubby and it's time to reduce on my food before my weight get out of hand.

Anyway, totally a good meal and definitely would go back there for a second round when I go London the next time. 

They have 3 branches around London and the one I went to was in Soho. The addresses are below :

29 Clarges Street
London, United Kingdom

36-38 Dean Street
Soho, London, United Kingdom

1 Bread Street
London, United Kingdom

So if you ever visit London and had to plan for meals, be sure to add this restaurant to your meal plan. Definitely wouldn't want to miss this! 
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