Saturday, September 15, 2018

5 Themeparks Adventure in Gold Coast that you CANNOT miss!

Gold Coast located at the South of Brisbane on Australia's east coast. Famous for their long sandy beaches, surfing and water activities and of course last but not least, THE THEME PARKS!
I may not seem like it but I love going for theme parks and the thrill rides. Where else if not in Gold Coast. There is like six main theme parks that you can visit and they are super duper fun. I was there in 2013 for 4 days visiting one theme park a day and again in 2015 for a day.

Here are the theme parks available in Gold Coast that you should drop by. They have theme parks that are family friendly, thriller rides for the youngster like me and also the water parks. Firstly, do not get these theme parks passes and tickets individuals as it will cost you so much more. Buy it in package online before you head there you will save lots. Each theme park would cost you at least $89 to $100 individually.


SKYPOINT is where you get a skyscraper of view for the entire Gold Coast. It's in the package so might as well make a visit and its a real beauty at night. I've been there and I really love it. 

Disclaimer : The photos was taken way back in 2013 from my really old iphone. Hence, the quality might be really poor and also it was so long ago, I couldn't really find most of it. I will give it a go and make do with what I have. 

The ranking of the theme parks are how I would really rank them to go and priortise. 


A movie theme park in Gold Coast that was open in 1991. My favourite theme park among all because the rides were super fun and thrilled! Super scary! The only movie realted theme park in Australia with attraction ranging from motion simulators to roller coaster and slow river rides. There are also minor street shows all around where there will be performance by characters from Scooby-Doo and Shaggy and Looney Tunes character. 

Batman, Green Lantern and Superman are also there. You know where to go if you want a photo with these superheroes. My favourite ride was the Superman ride. It will go at a pace where you think that any other typical thrill ride and an announcement will come up to say "Hold on that, 3..2..1..." And there you go. The speed superman fly. Yep, before you know it you are heading up there on a super fast pace trying to catch your breathe while screaming your lungs out. 

The other rides were also super fun like the Gotham City and Green Lantern ride. The rest were the typical rides you would get. My highlight would definitely be the Gotham City Batman, Superman and Green Lantern ride. 


This was the most popular water theme park in Gold Coast. There are a couple water theme park but this has the best water rides in Gold Coast. It was also my favourite water theme park so far. I haven't been to many water theme parks but definitely open to any other recommendation that you guys have on this. In 2009, the park received 1,085,000 which rank 8th in the world which justify that this definitely is one fun thrilled water park. This theme park is much older, opened in 1984.

Source: Google Images 
As it was a water theme park, the moment I arrived, didn't waste any time, took no photos and hence, only took a photo from google image.


Dreamworld is the largest theme park with 40 rides and attraction with several themed such as Rocky Hollow, Tiger Island, Town of Gold Rush, Dreamworks Experience and Ocean Parade. They not only have rides but collection of animal exhibits which is suitable for the younger kids which cannot take the thrill rides. Opened in 1981, this one has even more thrill rides than Movie World. However, I felt like the rides were much more older and hence, I don't feel as safe as sitting the rides in Movie World. It just me being paranoid but when the environment and decoration looks like its been a long time since refurbishment. 

However, I gotta say the most thrilled ride I sat was in Dreamworld. The name is Buzzsaw. It was an achievement photo for me. Basically the rides takes you all the way up and then you have a free fall down letting go two rounds which is super fun. That twist at the top where you turn 360 degree added the twist to your ride. I scream so much when I came down, I felt like I lost my voice. 


Opened in 2006, this is situated in the suburb of Coomera in Gold Coast. We wanted to go both white water world and wet and wild and we went both of them in a day. Not the best choice but we only had 4 days in Gold Coast. Either ways, we went there in the morning for about 4 hours. There wasnt any queue and we manage to sat almost all of the rides. It's very similar to wet and wild but lesser rides of course. If you have a less crowded water park, this is definitely your choice. The queue lines are much shorter as well .

Quick tip : My attire was not water friendly for sure. Changed into a t shirt and water based shorts. Do not that denim shorts are not allow in the rides. So be sure to make sure you wear the right attire and when visiting water parks.


This is more like an aquarium, a marine mammal park and sort of a mini themepark. It does not have as many rides but a lot of activities where you can interact with marine animals like the seal and dolphins. The rides are not the thrilling type as this theme park was meant for the family and kids. The rides were a lot of kids ride but honestly, I had fun playing those. It might seem childish and for 20 year olds to be playing against all the kids. 

But hey, it always important to keep the youth in you. Bringing you back to your childhood times as well. I had a great time and especially I absolutely love the dolphins show. They are such elegant yet playful animals.

Oh! Also, if you are there, make sure to chill and get sun tanned at Surfer Paradise as well! The beach is beautiful and it can get really crowded. I visited sea world on my second trip and i had to pay a full 80AUD for my entrance so please please get packages.


Located 230 metre from the ground, this place will get you the view of the City of Gold Coast. If you've been following my travel diaries, you will notice how much I love going up to skyscrapper and climbing up to high points to get views like this. My absolute and MUST Do things in a place. Any place that gives me a city views, you named it, I'll be going. I need capture a memory of all this cities. I cant go and visit them all but I would love to at least get an overview of it. 

I didn't manage to get the day view as I was too busy with all the theme park but night views are almost as beautiful. The lights make the city look so much more alive.

My take on this :
- These are the best 5 themeparks in Gold Coast that you cannot missed. They should be the priority
- Make sure to get recommended packages to make your trip worth.
- Make sure you get the right attire to the themeparks.


  1. Oh man, I am such a fan of Roller Coasters, I would love to try the Buzzsaw! But the Sea World Park makes me extremely sad.. I am an opponent of keeping animals in captivity like this...

  2. Took me back to my younger days. We had a wet n wild in Vegas that we used to go too (I don't think it's there anymore). It was always so fun to ride all the crazy water slides. Good list of amusements here!

  3. I find theme parks to be real fun! Makes you forget everything and somehow, allows you to live in the moment and relive many childhood memories too! Happy to find a list of five theme parks and whenever we head to that part of the world, would want to visit a few of them on the Gold Coast for sure!

  4. woah!!! my heart is literally skipping seeing those rides!! i'd definitely be down for a ride!!!! wuite an awesome scary experience i think!

  5. I love themeparks! I have not heard of some of these, but that buzzsaw roller coaster looks really interesting! Not sure if it would be too intense for me lol

  6. I think my favourite theme park out of the 5 would be the WB World one cos I'm a big comic-book fan. The last one (Skyscrapper one) looks stunning at night. I love theme parks because they can terrify me but give me such a thrilling sensation at the same time.

    Since they're theme parks abroad I'm a bit worried about how safe you found them to be? I want to live life on the edge but I also want to know if I'm gonna live to tell the tale :D

    Johnny | Johnny's Traventures

  7. They look like some pretty cool theme parks. I'm not one for rides, so Sea World sounds great :)

  8. These look amazing! Some great theme parks, just a shame they are so far from hom for me!

  9. Omg! How exciting! The rides seem so thrilling! Can't wait to visit!

  10. Love Australia and theme parks! Such a useful post on all the fun - I've only been to Sea world so far so lot's more to experience :)

  11. I really love themeparks!! And I'd surely don't wanna miss these spots esp the one with the very high jet coaster!!!

  12. Wow, this looks like so much fun! We were in Gold Coast at the beginning of this year, but we didn't go to any of the theme parks. Will have to put that right next time we visit!

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