Saturday, September 1, 2018

Introduction to the 8 Day Blog Challenge

8 Day Blog Challenge

For those of you wondering what is this challenge about, it's about having to post for fourteen (14) consecutive days on post that relates to our travelling experiences. In my case, I had to cut short and chose to an 8 day challenge instead. This is my first time being able to join in for one and I am actually quite excited about it. Well, one thing for sure is that this challenge motivates me to document down all my travels. I love procrastinating and now I know I can't when I'm commit to this challenge. For those of you who wants to join in, feel free to do it! :) Unfortunately due to my new job, I had only manage to do only an 8 day challenge instead of the 14 days. It was really sad but i really enjoyed the 8 days and would love to participate in another challenge like that again. 

So, a little bit of introduction about how i fell in love with going around the globe. 

Reasons I love Travelling

I love taking the airplanes since I was really young. At the age of 12, my parents got me my first camera and I would take it everywhere I go when I travel with them. I love going around and observe the country culture and learning things that they do. Every country or city within a country has their very own unique and specialty. Hence, my mission is to find out what that is. Also, I watched a lot of movies and these movies filmed in those particular countries that will spark my interest to visit there myself. As I watch more movies and read articles about places, the longer my bucket list is. 

Favourite Place to Travel

This is a tough question. I have a favourite city in all the continents that I visited. If I really have to pick, I would say Australia. I've studied there for 3 years and I love every city that I've visited so far. One thing for sure, they are not as crowded as other European cities so it's not actually that stressful getting around. I have family and friends all over Australia who will be there to bring me around, reducing the need for me to plan and do what the locals will do. 

Number 1 Tip on Saving Money

I am probably not the best person when it comes to saving money during my travels. I will start off with that mindset but I end up exceeding my budget when I see all those activities and good food everywhere. If I have to come up with one tip, it'll definitely be planning early in your routes and get good packages on activities that you've plan to do. You've save tons of money and it will help you to go around. I know a lot of people like impromptu trips but those are the trips that cost the most. And if you are trying to save during those kind of trip, you'll not enjoy yourself for sure as everything is a last minute cost. 

How Do I Plan My Travel?

I usually list down the places I want to visit and I start researching online for recommended itinerary. With those, I would then start planning my route and checks the opening times for each landmark that I am visiting. Most of the time I would enter into the museum so I really do need the opening times. There were times like my trip to Budapest which I did not plan and we end up missing all those opening times and most of it were close when we got there. Definitely learn my lesson there. 

Favourite Continent

This would definitely be the European Continent. Partly, because I am based in the UK so I travel a lot to the Europe area. Each of the cities have their own beauty and unique key points to offer and by far has the most to see. Everytime I am visiting another European city, I'll be waiting for it to surprise me with either its culture, architecture or even the food. 

Moment I Realised Travel Was For Me

I am thinking really hard for this one. I felt like there wasn't a particular moment for it. It was more like I was travelling a lot and seeing different things and I just made it my goal in life to be able to travel the world and see all the wonders it has for me. 

Community (Travel Bloggers Club)

I recently join the Travel Bloggers Club on Facebook which is also where I learnt about this challenge. I notice they do give a lot of tips on travelling and they were all really experienced travel blogger whom I can learn from. They are also helpful in giving advice on how to work our blog to make it more user friendly. Of course, we do helped each other to promote our blogs but at the same time this enable us to share more with others, enabling us to cover more places and share them to the public. If you are interested in joining our community, just hop on to their page on Facebook and join. 

I guess now we gotta get ready for the next 13 days of publishing new posts and also finally be able to get myself up and writing on all my traventures that I been and had for the past few years.

Before I forget, here are those participants in this challenge and if you wish to check them out these are their links :
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  1. It's great that you decided to take part in this challenge! I will continue to follow your posts throughout the challenge and wish you the best of luck!

  2. I have been the prt of this challenge before which helped me a lot. As last time this challenge brings the regularity of publishing the blogs lets see this time whats the result of challenge this time. I must say It's great that you decided to take part in this challenge! I will continue to follow your posts and collaboration as well.

  3. I am so excited to follow you throughout this challenge! I love that you love Australia! I loved it so much my short 2 years turned into a permanent stay!

  4. Hello, so glad you are taking part in the challenge as part of Travel Bloggers Club, enjoyed reading your questions and answers about your travels. Good luck and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts

  5. I love what you say about Australia. My mum worked there for a while, and whenever I visited, there were friends and colleagues all over the country waiting to show me around. It's a very friendly place. Good luck for the challenge!

  6. Great to see you're doing this challenge. Looking forward to some great from you!

  7. It is great to see so many of you grouping together to get out nice and interesting content!

  8. I have not been to Australia yet but I hear great things about it. Which city would you recommend for a newbie?

  9. Really looking forward to your challenge posts!

  10. All the best, this challenge is a great idea and hopefully it will be great fun too!


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