Friday, September 7, 2018

Visiting Milan, Italy

Milan is the global capital of fashion and design. It's also a financial hub, and filled with high end restaurant and shops. To me, Milan was just like any other city and my main purpose there was more of shopping. So we spend 1.5 days exploring Milan and then one day shopping around. Compare to Rome, Florence and Pisa, Milan gave me a more modernise city feels. The other cities each has their very own character.

Here were the things I visited and did in Milan :-

Milan Cathedral
One of the biggest cathedral in the world which took almost 600 years to complete. The cathedral is the central of Milan and everything else is surrounding it. If you look at the map, the cathedral itself is in the centre. You can also climb up to the Cathedral to get the whole of city view. I did not do that because we climb enough for Rome and Florence. We thought we sit this one out and the line was so long. We weren't going to queue for 1-2 hours under the hot sun.

I had the return at night to capture the cathedral at night. Based on my experience, these cathedrals always have its own beauty in broad day light and at night. 
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Shopping mall in Milan which has such a beautiful interior. Its basically all the luxury goods that I wish I could afford. Its also the oldest active shopping mall (more than 150 years).

Piazza del Duomo
Piazza is the Italian word for "square". So, this is the main square in Milan which is where the Gallerie and the Cathedral is located.

This was the square where everyone was taking their photos with the Cathedral and the Gallerie. There is also people offering to take photos for you. Do not agree to let them help you. They'll charge you really expensive. I gotta admit the buildings are quite pretty. For some reason, its a classic design building but I still feel Milan is more modernise even with those design.

Leonardo Museum - The World of Leonardo Da Vincci
I tried booking for the last supper but it was clearly fully book when I tried to book it. If you are looking to visit the last supper, please do book few months in advance. The boyfriend insisted to actually go for the museum. Since we were at the square, we google and there was actually an exhibition held in Piazza della Scalla which is just the other entrance of the Gallerie. So we head over there and it was about 12 euros. In the exhibition, we saw all the designs of Leonardo Da Vincci and one thing I really love about this museum is that it is much more interactive.

We actually spend 1-2 hours there just going around with all his inventions. We were quite unfortunate because "The Last Supper" (not the original) probably another art of a different artist was under maintenance.

The bridge that I build from scratch. There were so many of these activities in the museum for you to play with. 
Definitely recommend you to this museum if you want something more interactive. We've been to so many museum in Italy and we really needed an interactive museum like this.

Sforza Castle
A huge fortress build in the 14th century and contain art from Da Vincci and Michelangelo. When we went there, they were already closing. That was about 5pm so we manage to visit the external part of it only.

Its actually really big and I really wish we had the chance to visit the interior of it. I love going into places like this and just explore. I visited so many castle, palace and fortress but somehow I never get bored. The entrance fee is quite expensive so I usually end up going beyond my budget travelling due to all these entrance fee.

Basically these were what we did on sightseeing in Milan. The rest of the time we were just hunting down good pasta restaurants, gelatos and shopping. It was rather chill because the past few days in the other cities were a lot of walking as they had so many more landmarks that we wanted to visit. It was a good end to our trip!

If you wish to read about my trips on the other cities, just hop to the links listed below :


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