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Penang Time Tunnel - The History Museum

I have always wanted to see the Penang mural art since forever but my dad always said that it's too hot to be taking photo outdoor and stuff. Most of them is because when we finally finish our food adventure, it would be too late already as it is already getting dark. Since it was outdoor, we couldn't get any photo if it was dark

Anyway, this time I found an indoor mural art place. So dad did not have anymore excuses. So, I was actually looking to for the 3D trick art musuem but it was closed and we ended up at Time Tunnel Penang.  

Brief summary about the place
Penang Time Tunnel recounts the history of Penang from the earliest day to the present day and they are all arrange in chronological order. Visitor will follow a darken passage and are told about various chapters on the island history from 1592 and gradually moving towards prosperity and harmony on the present day.

According to the museum, Penang was named after betel nut palms. The name Pinlang-yu which was mention in Admiral Cheng Ho's nautical chart which was drawn in the early 15th century. When James Lancaster passed by in 1592 and sheltered in Pulau Jerejak, he recorded the island that to it as Pulau Pinaon. 

Penang Island was already holding pockets of Malay and Chinese settlements in the form of coastal and estuarine villages when Francis Light arrive in Penang. The founding of Penang as the British settlement of Prince of Wales Island was recorded by the museum. 

The museum has many exclusive document such as agreement, handwritten will and photos of Penang of the olden days. 
There I was entering the tunnel and ready to learn about the history of Penang. I only knew it briefly when I was studying history back in form 5. Here, they were much more detail.

Along the passage way of history, they even set up a few things such as the Baba Nyonya Wares and Wear, Traditional Chinawares and Utensils and also the money at that time and a few of other significant stuff. Pictures are as below.

I found the foot binding really interesting as it was actually one of our Chinese custom in the Sang Dynasty at which girl at the age of 5 had their feet bound to grow longer than 3 inches. WOW. It actually signifies good upbringing and family background. There u have it the picture of the before and after bone structure. They were to wear the pair of shoes (which was really small). Interesting isn't it ? 

The Olden days Workers Quarters

Some of our monies back at the olden days..... 

Fun facts : Writings on the coins are actually the name of the emperor at the time the coin was used. 

120 years ago (top) and current (bottom)

Penang has indeed improved a lot and is really well developed currently. Throughout the years, they had a lot of awards and recognition as well, as a tourist area and also for their food. 
Well, this place not only had the history of Penang, it also has a lot of 3D mural art as well. There were a lot of people so it got a little harder taking photos but it still didn't stop me.

Being the greedy me, how could I refuse a plate of nasi lemak?? 

This was a fail shot. It was really hard to adjust and we could not get the right angle. As there were many people waiting to take photo as well, we had to just move on :(

Yup, you are looking at it right. I am on the ceiling :DDD

It was totally worth going in there and even the entrance fee is pretty reasonable. Since I was a student, I only had to pay Rm10. Considering if there is trick art in other country, I am pretty sure it will be much more expensive. 

Its open daily from 9.15am to 7.00pm and the last admission would be at 6.00pm.
Entrance fees are :
Adult      : RM25  With My Kad : RM15
Children : RM15                            RM 7 
Student   : RM15                           RM10

The whole tour around the museum will take you about approximately 1 hour but if you are going to take perfect photos and when it is crowded, it would probably take you longer. I would say it is a place worth visiting especially you can enjoy the mural art indoors. =) 

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