Monday, December 8, 2014

Ski Trip, Falls Creek

One of my most recent trips when I was back to Melbourne for the second semester was to Falls Creek for ski. I know ski and me don't go together because I am really bad when it comes to  sports. Nevertheless, I wanted to know how is it like. Maybe it could one of the sports that I can manage? It wasn't really a convienient trip as I was sick at that time. Don't if it was because of haze back in Malaysia or my body could take two flights of total 21 hours in two days. Yes, I flew back from London and then back to Melbourne, rest about 3 days before hitting off to Falls Creek. If I had the chance to do it again , I won't. It was exhausting and took me a week to recover from all of it.

Anyway, we left on a Friday midnight and reaching the place in the morning. Stop by at McD at 3am for some early breakfast. I slept too much that day so I did not sleep the bus ride and was awake up till 5.30am. When I finally manage to sleep in for an hour or more, we were suppose to get down already. And it was soooooo cold. Had to carry our luggage in the snow and climb up a flight of stairs before we reach our accomodation. Thank god one of the people who went helped me. Couldn't have carry it all the way up for sure :(

Selfie before heading down the bus to our accomodation at 7 am 
And not to forget snowwwwwwww. It so pretty and white. Compare to the one I saw in China, the snow here is much cleaner. Probably because it was already melting in China that time. But yeah, it says 'Welcome to Falls Creek' and it was also where our bus got stuck and they had to start tying the chains around the tyres.

We didn't get to put our luggage in our rooms because we were only allowed to check in after 3 or 4 somehow so we put our bags in the storage before heading to the top for ski. Took pretty long to get all the gear and the shoes were so tight then it made it so hard to walk. So we put everything on and had to made our way to the ski lift to the top. The moment I reach the top, I couldn't control and went ski-ing straight down the slope. Honestly. someone pushed me and that's why i went down the slope. It was soo scary but I remember my senior telling me 'If you can't stop, just fall' and that's what I did. Thank god for a friend who helped me back up and then I went for the beginner classes for about two hours and tried to ski on my own at the beginner area. It was actually quite fun when you are able to control but the longest I am in control is 30second. Always had balancing problem so wasn't surprise I could not ski. It was really cold and with my flu it wasn't helping much. The ski boots were really tight and when i took it off, my leg actually had bruises. Being the troublesome and full-of-complain me, I decided to stop ski-ing and went back down to check in into our accommodation. On my way back through the chairlift/ski lift (whatever they call it), I actually fell off the chair but THANK GOD it was just at the start and not when we lifted off the land area down to the mountain. It was so scary but I was safe.

On my second day, I decided to not go ski because I wasn't feeling like going and I din't want to become worse as I was pretty ill (sort-of an good excuse). AND also after i fell down from the lift, I just did not want to. However, my friends rated that fall to be one of the best/funniest fall during our entire ski trip because not only I fell while I was sitting not skiing, I fell flat on my face. It was quite funny to think about it now instead of it being scary.

I totally love my view for the few days where you get to see snow everywhere. It was totally worth the trip even though I did not really enjoy ski-ing. Wu Ping had his arm dislocated as well so I got a buddy to accompany me throughout the day. So, I did my laundry and then decided to go have a walk around the area. It was really cold but I was wrapped up 4 layers so was keeping myself pretty warm. Half way through we got a call from Rebecca that she fell down and needed us to get her so we went up the mountains to help her. I swear the moment sat on the ski life I was praying I did not fall off because it was so scary. This time, I had two body guard, Wuping and Yue Han.
Selfie on the life up the mountain with the small boy, Yue Han

Mr Lim Wu Ping 
I admit I was super scare I dropped my phone but still insisted on taking photo. Well, this is my life and the only way up to the mountains. Scary isnt it? 

My favourite solo picture of the entire trip
Being the vain me, I  had to take photos there so I made Wu Ping help me take a few. Somehow my phone camera was working so well that the photo all look really nice.
Totally love this picture. Would have been perfect if Wu Ping did not close his eyes.

Had to get a photo with me geared up the equipment because I didn't on the first day but hey, looks cool wehy
That night we went for the husky show. It was so cold that we did not finished watching and came back half way. Our legs were freezing and the moment we reach the apartment, we immediately dip our legs in the bath tub filled with hot water before having dinner. The funny thing about dinner that night was that we bought all the ingredient to cook spaghetti except for the spaghetti and we ended but using indo mee as the noodles. To our surprise, it did not taste that bad. In fact, the boys were really good cooks and we enjoyed the meal a lot. 

It was sad that the two days trip ended so quickly but it was time to back to uni and study. I would say it was a great trip. Beautiful place and our accommodation was nice as well. I definitely don't mind going back there again and give ski-ing another try =)

Group Photo =)


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