Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Melbourne Supper Club

 Just right after the final exam, a friend of mine told me that this place has good dessert especially the sticky date pudding. Being the usual greedy me, the day after exam, I had to make my way to this place which was called 'The Melbourne Supper Club' located on Level 1/161 Spring Street in the CBD.

So right after shopping, we just headed there and I love the way the restaurant is decorated although it looks a little old. Classic design. 
Looks pretty cozy and comfy 

So there was I, sitting near the window sit , solo shot and looking much more energetic after three weeks or studying home. Anyway back to topic. My friend said that she really like the sticky date pudding so we order that and also a lemon tart. 

For the drinks, we had the typical drink. 
Lemon Lime Bitter :)

The presentation might not look so pleasing but it taste extremely good. I totally love both of them. Well, we all know we have to eat it when it's hot and when it was first serve, I was afraid I would burn my mouth. That is why we have the ice cream there so it makes it not that hot. The caramel sauce went perfectly well with it and it was just perfect. Not too sweet not too hot , just simply delicious. 

As for the Lemon tart, it was really good as well. It wasn't too sour of a tart and it gives you the urge to take one mouth after another. When I first try to cut the pastry, it was extremely hard and I was thinking to myself, this wouldn't be good. Surprisingly despite it being so hard, it was actually extremely crispy and goo. It was indeed a good place with a nice environment. Totally would go back there again and try other food when I am back in Melbourne :) 


  1. From the look of it seems a bit geli to be honest haha

    1. Yeap yeap. Haha that why i said presentation wasn't that pleasing but you should try. It was really really good!


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