Sunday, August 19, 2018

Ploy, Publika @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ploy @ Publika is one of my favourite Asian fusion in restaurant. It's an modern Asian fusion cuisine, which has an exquisite taste. The presentation of the food are also detailed minded. Their dishes uses Asian spices and blend it into dishes which is not so Asian. The ambience of the restaurant itself is quite nice and suitable for celebration. To find out more of their restaurant, you can head on to their website here.

Publika is about an hour drive from my place and would take more an hour if there is traffic jam. The fact that I am willing to drive all the way there is what makes it worth it. If you happen to exploring Publika, you know where to go for a meal. 

The entrance to the restaurant. 
Crispy Baby Squid (RM12)
I really love how crispy those baby squid were and the sweet sauce that it was fry with. It blended really well and was a good starter. We were having conversation at the same time something sweet and savory to nibble on.

Angel Hair Shrimp (RM29)
They say that the safest choice is to order a spaghetti. The dish might look really simple but the sauce that goes with the spaghetti was not too creamy and well blend into this flavourful dish. The shrimps were't those big prawns but those small and slightly fry if I did not remember wrongly. 

Soft Shell Crab Pizza (RM38)
This is not your typical pizza. It doesn't even look like one. The crust is not the normal thick crust you see on an regular pizza. Its more like a thinner and crispier version of pita bread. They are actually quite generous with the soft shell crab which is good. Overall, the blend of flavour were alright but it was something different that you don't usually get it else where. I felt this dish was pricy and although it taste good but it's not something I would pay for RM38.

Black Rice (RM31)
This is a squid ink rice top with raw egg yolk with shrimps, also my favourite dish out of everything. Some places overkill the squid ink rice with the flavour but this one here has just the perfect balance of taste. The shrimps were pretty fresh and crunchy, just how I like it. The saltiness from the squid ink top with the fragrance of the basil leave and the slippery feel from the yolk to the rice creates a flavourful dish of this. 

Torched Sunrise Salmon
It's an improvised version of popiah wrapped in salmon (sort of). Either ways, they would torched the salmon right in front of you which is sort of a mini fire performance. The taste was exquisite and I really like the blend of the sauce with the rice and the freshly torched salmon. I am not a fan of raw food but I like this one here. 

Dessert has always been my favourite part of a meal. One of the main reason I am here is for the Durian Panna Cotta. I am a big fan of durian and i love panna cotta. So when my friend mention that Ploy has a dish which combines both, I was like "say no more fam, we are going there this Friday".

Durian Panna Cotta (RM12.50)
I had really high expectation for this dish and it definitely did not fail me. It was so wobbly and you can see it bouncing when you move the plate. The durian they use were not just some flavouring, you can actually taste the durian meat on the top. Both durian and the panna cotta blend so well and has this texture which would melt in your mouth. I love it! So we ordered another one. 

Deep Fried Mantou with Salted Caramel Ice Cream (RM12)
I love salted caramel ice cream so I was quite excited to try this one as well. Overall, its a typical dessert but the ice cream was really nice. Its not very easy to eat it all together as you can see, its pretty big. 

It was a Friday night that we had this and indeed it was a good end to the week. I absolutely love the black rice and the durian panna cotta. One thing I try to avoid writing about food is that, if its good, you end up craving for it so much. 

It's been awhile since I actually did a food post in KL and decided to write up on one of my favourite. Absolute favourite for fusion restaurant. 

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