Thursday, August 9, 2018

Cambridge - Hotspot for Tourist

21st July 2018
The summer here is legit hot. This is the first time I stayed for the whole summer. I am always back in Malaysia during the summer. Trust me, global warming issue is real. I was here in London 2014 but it never hit 30 degree. This time round it would go for 30 over degree above for about 1.5 weeks.

So today travel journal will be my day trip to Cambridge with my parents. This is my second time there but I wanted to bring them around. I bought the return ticket online for only £8.60 return trip. We started our trip early in the morning because daddy wanted to be back before 5pm. It was a really hot day where I got a real bad sunburn.

After we arrive at Cambridge train station, we took the bus to the center of the city. It will take about 30 minutes walk but we took a bus which is only 15 minutes away. Each bus ride was £1.80 but if you are going to go around further of Cambridge, its advisable to take the one day pass for £4.50.

Here were the few places we visited :

Holy Sepulchre
This is a 12th century landmark round church with exhibition and a visitor center offering a walking tour. This is our first stop walking and strolling around the city on our way to River Cam for a punting ride. Its just about £3 for the entrance if I am not mistaken.

Punting Ride along River Cam
I bought my ticket online for about £12. Its pretty cheap compare to those advertising on the side for about £ 20. I usually let to get my tickets online so it's cheaper and you can also pick them according to the reviews which gives you a guarantee that you will get a good one.

It was super hot and I got sunburn that day. If you read my post on Mayfield you notice the two tone arm colour. It was from this exact punting trip. My suggestion is you must make to pick time where the sun is not the strongest and good weather to really enjoy the whole tour on River Cam. We had a really cute guy bringing us around and he was really a good tour guide giving us an overview of the Cambridge Universities area.

Basically he gave us the history of each colleges such as the St John college and Trinity college along the river. He talks about the current stories and even also talk about the late Stephen Hawking, how you could actually see him around campus. When we were taking the punting, there were so many others but those had guides which were just rowing it but not actually telling them anything. It look kind of boring. Our guide make a lot of jokes and encourage interaction, making it interesting.

Bridge of Sighs
This bridge was named after the Bridge of Sighs in Venice but according to our guide, there was not much architecture similarity between both the bridge. It's one of the few famous tourist attraction point and was Queen Victoria love this spot right here.

I actually thought the bridge was actually quite pretty when there is like good lightning of course. Its simple yet gives you a sophisticated feels when you are crossing over. 

Mathematical Bridge
Next up, we have the mathematical bridge. It got its name based on the sophisticated engineering design where it was built on. The arrangement of the bridge which forms an arc is based on tangents. Hence, it was named that.

It was an hour of Punting and we then head over to lunch, The Punting area is located to where the food and restaurant are. So it was just perfect. We had our lunch and I brought my mum to walk over passing by St John college, Trinity college and King's College. 

Colleges Walking Tour - St John, Trinity and King's
The architecture of each college building were amazing. I wonder what is it like to study in a building like this. I mean its kind of a trade off. Would you exchange the intense stress for the experience to study in a place as prestigious and nice as this? I guess you still could do a short summer course there. A shorter amount of pain but you get the experience there. 

It was so hot that daddy was getting annoyed. So, me and mum decided that we would go over visit these places and then head back to the train station. It was already 4pm by then. My mum loves visiting places like these but for my dad, he's not a fan of this but put up with it for my mum and me. 

Trinity College

King''s College, my second time here and it still look at beautiful as ever.

King's College Chapel

Mini Map of the Cambridge City Centre 
This was our last pit stop for the day before we head back to the train station. I remember the last time I was in Cambridge, I had birdshit dropping right on top on my head on my scalp. The whole day I just felt really uncomfortable. So when I was there this time, I wore a hat! Just as a prevention.

It did get a little too hot and I took it off and gave it back to mum. Everytime i see birds, instance reaction to cover my head! I am not even joking. This time round, I did not get to bring my parents around Europe so we did Cambridge. Half of the time spend was in Bristol for my brother's graduation. I am glad that I got to spend time with them before I started work. When they left this time, I felt so sad and teared so much. I knew this time, I won't be able to fly back as often or whenever I want to. I use to come back 4 times a year when I was studying in Australia. Even in UK, I only left for 9 months but I came back twice.

I regretted spending so little time with them when I was back home. I was always working overtime and sometimes in the weekend too. There are days when I have my free time but I'll go out with my friends. I did keep Sunday as family day but I still think that was way too little.

Hmmm.. well, didn't expect I would end this post on a sad note. But back to the trip! Overall I enjoyed it but there were too many people Would have been better if it was less crowded. I really wanted to visit the Cambridge Botanical Garden but didn't have the chance to do it. Please do drop by and let me know whether it's worth a go and I'll head overrrr!

Thought I ended this post with a more scientifical quote from Rosalind Franklin since I made a visit to a place of science :

"Science and Everyday Cannot and Should Not be Separated"


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