Thursday, August 23, 2018

Review on The Drawing Room, Ampersand Hotel Afternoon Tea

The Science Afternoon Tea in Ampersand Hotel won the Best Theme Afternoon Tea award this year (2018). The theme was inspired by their neighbour, the Science Museum. I've been to a few tea now and I had fun with this one. This wasn't just your traditional tea. They added a little excitement with science experiment and even the experience was different from the others. For more information about their afternoon tea, you can find out from their website here

As I mention previously, afternoon tea isn't cheap but as it was the Afternoon Tea week, there were offers on a lot of the afternoon tea. Instead of the original price of £39.50, I paid £29.62 which I would say it was totally fulfilling. I book through this website here. The afternoon tea website which gives you all the offers on afternoon tea. If you book it through here like me, you will get 25% from here. It's only until the end of this month so if you want to experience it do book now. 

I will rate it a 9 out of 10. They had a beautiful ambience, good service, food was good too and totally love the theme.

The Drawing Room has a really good ambience and classy feeling. It was a high end boutique hotel in Kensington and I definitely would say it was indeed nice to have tea here. The location is just 4 minutes walk from South Kensington tube station which was easy to get there. If you are around there visiting the Kensington Garden and Natural History Museum, drop here for an afternoon tea.

This was our little corner that we were having our tea. The chairs were really comfortable but of course not easy to eat due to the level of the table being too low. They have those proper table and chair height too but these chair were comfy.

So our first activity, we were given these flask and some mixer and ingredient to run a small experience. They gave us two infuse flavouring, passionfruit and raspberry, lemon fizz, sugar syrup and baking soda. The effect was suppose to be a smoking fizzy if you did it right. We made a mistake putting the baking soda before the fiz. We should have put everything in the flask and then the baking soda last. The end product was quite tasty to drink so I was okay with it failing but for those of you who wants to see the effect, this will be my advice.

The most important part of the Afternoon Tea is the menu thats on today. I really like the whole theme and even the sandwiches, scones and desserts were actually pretty good.

Smoke Salmon & Avocado on Blinis
Brioche with roast beef, horseradish, watercress, cornichons
Chicken with Lemon & Tarragon Mayonnaise Bun
Truffle & Mushroom Pie

Homemade white chocolate and cranberry scones
Plain Scones
Service with Devonshire clotted cream and homemade strawberry preserve and Lemon curd squeeze tube
Toppings : Freeze dried raspberry, freeze dried pineapple, crunchy caramel

Strawberry & elderflower jelly petri dish
White Chocolate & Blackberry Planet Mousse (Chocolate Spaceman)
Cherry, yoghurt & Passion Fruit Macaroon
Lychee & orange half moon cake
Mini Dinosaur biscuit & milk chocolate fossil hidden written chocolate "soil"

They had this mystery chocolate box that they require us to figure out ourselves on what does it contain. It like dinosaur fossil finding which I found it so cute. They make it fully science theme covering the tube experiments, to fossil finding.

I have to say the pastries were all very rich in their flavour. My favourite was the scones. It was crispy on the outside but moist on the inside. It was perfectly done and I really like it a lot. All the pastries were really good. The cherry and passionfruit infuse macaroon was really well done where the crust and the filling had a good balance of taste. They even added the dry ice effect on the Chocolate mousse.

For those of you out there who love chocolate, this dessert is so rich in chocolate and all chocolate lover will definitely love it. There is a raspberry filling which goes perfect well with it. This was the highlight of the dessert due to the dry ice effect you get when they first serve you.

If you want a good picture with the dry ice effect, this is what you will get which is makes the picture really nice. Overall I had a really amazing experience at the Drawing Room in Ampersand Hotel. I definitely rate it a 9/10. The service was really good as well. Oh before I forget about my tea, I had the Jasmine Honey Lemon Orchid Tea which was a black tea that is not as strong as Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea. Perfect way to sync it with the flavourful food. Then I finish off with a Lemon Verbana tea to clean my pallets!

I definitely enjoy my experience there and it was definitely worth it for me. Gotta say though, these afternoon tea are sooooo filling. Till my next afternoon tea experience (when there is a good offer again)!


  1. I do love English teas! been a while since I had one so have to do it in mcity. I love those little bites and of course, the teas!

  2. This place is an interior dream and a foodie dream! Who doesn't like a good afternoon tea?

  3. well i never had tea in this manner , i am sure this is all about an experience :) great pics that you have clicked

  4. I've never actually been to a tea room before! I'm not really a tea drinker, but I'd still love to have the experience one day. But with the added science experiements, this sounds so cool!!

  5. Aswathiashok UnnikrishnanAugust 24, 2018 at 2:28 PM

    I have never been to a proper tea room before .Your blog has inspired me to try it out.Thanks for sharing!

  6. Looks like a fine, solid hotel. I may ask my boss if I can stay there if they happen to send me to the area.

  7. Afternoon high teas are so much fun! I always feel one needs to skip lunch to really enjoy it fully! The Drawing Room, Ampersand Hotel Afternoon Tea experience seems just perfect! Feel hungry after seeing the pictures :)

  8. Sounds like a really fun time...and I'm glad to know you can get it at a bargain price as well!

  9. Never ever heard of a theme afternoon tea award. In India, tea is like a staple food for everyone each day and each tea is special. So I Kind of was surprised that you paid so much for a tea session. However, I am happy that you have rated it so well - ambiance adds a lot of feel too.

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